Flexible, precise roughness measurement without boondaries

Highlights HOMMEL-ETAMIC W10

  • Mobile and battery-supplied, with cable-free traverse unit
  • Usable as stationary instrument
  • Modern, intuitive operation via colour touchscreen
  • Wireless data transfer via Bluetooth® interface
  • Measurement of all common roughness parameters according to international standards
  • Integrated printer for documentation of the measurement results on the spot
  • Easy changing of the skid probes
  • Immediate verification of the W10 via the integrated roughness standard
  • Integrated barrel jack for traverse unit
  • Storage capacity for 7 measuring programs
Hommel Etamic W10 Waveloine Roughness and Contour Metrology by Metrology Direct

HOMMEL-ETAMIC W10 system features

Hommel Etamic W10 Waiveline Integrated Exchangeable roughness standard by Metrology Direct

Integrated, exchangeable roughness standard

  • Safely stored in the basic unit
  • Immediate verification of the measuring instrument on site
  • Stable measurement configuration
  • Measuring program specifically for verification of the measuring instrument with predefined nominal values
Hommel Etamic W10 Waiveline Tranverse probing by Metrology Direct

Transverse probing

  • 90° tilting of the probe for measurements in grooves and incisions or between collars
  • Probing of the surface transversely to the traverse direction without complex conversion
Hommel Etamic W10 Waiveline Integrated Height adjunstment by Metrology Direct

Measurement in all positions

  • Measurement of small workpieces in overhead position
  • Contact to the workpiece is made by precisely polished shafts on the bottom side of the traverse unit
  • 3-point support on the back side of the traverse unit for secure positioning when measuring perpendicular surfaces
Hommel Etamic W10 Waiveline Integrated rest and barrel jack by Metrology Direct

Integrated rest and barrel jack

  • Secure storage of the traverse unit
  • Protection of the probe
  • Continuous operational readiness of the traverse unit thanks to the automatic battery charging function
Hommel Etamic W10 Waiveline Integrated Height Adjustment by Metrology Direct

Integrated height adjustment

  • Extendable tripod legs for adjusting the traverse unit to the height of small workpieces
  • Easily adaptable to the desired measuring position

HOMMEL-ETAMIC W10 Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications Hommel Etamic W10

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