Small but powerful – portable, reliable roughness measurement


  • Portable and battery-supplied
  • Compact and light in design
  • Easy, intuitive handling with click wheel and graphical user interface
  • Features Bluetooth® technology for wireless data transfer and printing
  • USB port with Windows-compatible data format and battery charging function
  • No calibration necessary
  • Battery capacity for up to 800 measurements
  • Easily exchangeable probes Storage capacity for 5 measuring programs with measuring conditions
  • Optional printer P5 for documentation of the measurement results on the spot
Hommel Etamic W5 Waveloine Roughness and Contour Metrology by Metrology Direct

HOMMEL-ETAMIC W5 system features

Hommel Etamic W5 Waveline Measurement on small shafts

Precise workpiece support, even on small shafts

  • Secure positioning and stable workpiece support on preciselyground support shafts on the underside of the measuring device
  • Vee-block rest for small shafts with a diameter of 10 mm and above for reliable centering on the correct measuring position;can also be used as probe protection for bores with a diameter of 12 mm and above
Hommel Etamic W5 Waveline Mobile Measurement

Mobile measurement

  • Universal roughness measuring instrument for use on the production line, on machine tools or in incoming goods inspection
  • Ideal for measurements on big workpieces
  • Measurement in all possible measuring positions, including on perpendicular surfaces or overhead
Hommel Etamic W5 Waveline P5 printer

Log created directly on site: optional P5 printer

  • Compact thermal printer with Bluetooth® technology
  • Long battery life for mobile measurement documentation
  • Paper easy to insert thanks to the Easy Paper Loading function
  • Measuring conditions, parameters, tolerance evaluation, roughness profile and Abbott curve can be printed off individually or in combination depending on the measurement program
Hommel Etamic W5 Waveline Exchangeable probes

Exchangeable probes

  • Probes for a range of different measuring tasks
  • Probe cover to protect probe from damaging
  • Measurement position lighting to view the exact measurement position
Hommel Etamic W5 Waveline Tolerance evaluation

Tolerance evaluation

  • Coloured display of measurement results depending on the tolerance evaluation
  • Assessment of measurement results at a glance

HOMMEL-ETAMIC W5 Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications Hommel Etamic W5

Product Kit Content: 

HOMMEL-ETAMIC W5 scope of delivery (Art. 1005 0286)

  • W5
  • Roughness probe T1E
  • Charging device/mains adapter
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery
  • USB cable
  • Probe cover
  • Support prism for small shafts
  • Factory calibration certificate
  • Operating instructions
  • Case

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