2D Inspection System

Quick measurement of 2D parts

The Planar system has been specially designed for use in the sheet metal industry for quality control and reverse engineering applications.  They can be used for very quickly measuring or reverse engineering flat parts which have been manufactured on laser, plasma and water jet cutting systems as well as punched and some stamped parts. We have been supplying the Planar system to the sheet metal industry for over five years during which time we have consulted with many major manufacturers to fully understand the requirements expected from our measuring system and integrating these into the Planar.

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InspecVision - Planar Brochure

There are Planar machines installed and operating in more than 30 countries worldwide and the list of countries is growing. Planar customers range from small job shops to multi billion dollar turnover companies covering almost every industry that uses sheet metal such as electronics & communication industries, automotive and aerospace.

The applications for the Planar system however are not only limited to just the sheet metal industry. Any material that is flat and opaque such as paper, wood, polymers, cloth, cork and even fabrics can be measured on Planar. There are specialised modules within our award winning software to allow the user to measure things like gaskets, tubes and O-Rings. You can even measure multiple parts simultaneously and reverse engineer paper drawings and image files to dxf’s! We have many customers who have purchased Planar for these features alone. With the Opti-Scan3D and Opti-Probe add ons you can convert the Planar into the most complete 2D and 3D measuring system available.

For speed we cannot be beaten by any other competing system - Planar can take up to 40 million measurements in 0.1 seconds! This makes our system the fastest in the world for both inspection and reverse engineering of flat parts. We also have the largest range of available models and accuracies available.

Unlike competing systems the Planar machine does not require…

• Does not require any special jigs or fixtures to hold the part.

• Does not require any pre-programming to create an inspection program.

• Does not require DXF flat patterns of the parts. Our software can load in the 3D solid model directly and flatten it in memory to create the nominal 2D shape of the blank. Your preferred bend allowances and tooling can be defined.

• Does not require a specialised metrology room. The machine is resistant to changes in temperature and can be retrimmed in seconds.

• Does not require care to be taken when handling the glass surface. Scratches on the glass measuring surface do not affect the accuracy of the machine. Furthermore the glass is readily available from most glass suppliers.

• Does not require constant recalibration. The Planar machine does not have any precision moving parts to wear so there is nothing to recalibrate.


“The Planar machine has reduced our inspection time by 80%. We inspect about 90% more parts than before and the payback was around 2 years. The support has been immediate and perfect.

We have recommended the Planar machine to other sheet metal manufacturers in our area. It is very easy to maintain, has a very low fault rate and works well in factory floor conditions.”

Planar - Key Features


Inspect Parts Quickly and Automatically

Within 15 seconds of the user placing the part on the table and double clicking the CAD file or scanning a bar code, the Planar can produce a full inspection report.

Ultra Fast Reverse Engineering

The world’s fastest system for reverse engineering flat parts

SPC Integration

Inspecvision Planar systems are now fully integrated with QC Calc SPC software.

InspectVision Planar
InspectVision Planar
InspectVision Planar

Largest Range of Models Available

Choose the most suitable model for your application from the largest selection of optical 2D measurement systems available

3D Scanning Add On

Add 3D scanning capability to Planar with the retro-fittable Opti-Scan3D module.

InspectVision Planar

Planar - Applications


First Article Inspection

Planar systems are used for first article inspection during busy production runs without slowing down production schedules.

Quality Control Certification

Planar can be used to check and verify the quality of your parts to give you and your customers confidence and peace of mind

Ultra Fast Reverse Engineering

The world’s fastest system for reverse engineering flat parts.

InspectVision Planar
InspectVision Planar
InspectVision Planar

O-Ring Inspection

In Line Inspection

Measure your parts in-line with Planar. Using CNC robotic arms and specially designed software you can completely automate the inspection process. Please contact us for more information.

Convert Paper Drawings to CAD

Convert paper drawings into CAD files using Planar and optional third party software.

InspectVision Planar
InspectVision Planar
InspectVision Planar

Who’s Using Planar?

Opti-Scan 3D - Industries



We have many customers in the aerospace industry who use inspecvision technology for their quality control needs.


Many in the automotive industry are turning to Inspecvision products to inspect and reverse engineer parts.

Cabinets and Enclosures

Inspecvision products are used globally for measuring all kinds of cabinets and enclosures.

InspectVision Industries
InspectVision Industries
InspectVision Industries


Measure plastics with InspecVision products.

Job Shops

Many small job shops use InspecVision products to enable them to take specialised reverse engineering and inspection jobs that their competitors cannot.


Energy, marine engineering, woodworking, plastics…

InspectVision Industries
InspectVision Industries
InspectVision Industries

Surfscan - 2½D Attachment

 2½D Sheet Metal Scanning

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