QC-PLC is an application that collects data directly from the registers on the Programmable Logic Controllers on your shop floor and sends the data directly to QC-CALC Real-Time.

You can collect data either on a time interval (such as every 5 seconds) or based on an event (such as the changing of a value or flag inside the PLC). It currently supports about 90% of the PLCs in the market and each copy of QC-PLC can collect data from several PLCs since it is ethernet based.

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How It Works

QC-PLC works by communicating directly with your PLCs via an ethernet connection. You simply choose the model of your PLC, add the IP address, and create the connection.

Once you have a connection to a PLC, it can be used in spec plans. Each spec plan (like in QC-Gage) contains the trace fields (factors) and dimensions to be measured. The spec plans are then activated and run on the interval of your choice.

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QC PLC ProLink Software

Key Features

  • Over 100 Supported PLCs
  • Easy Interface
  • QC-PLC Licensing

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QC-Calc Real-Time

Data Collection:

  • Collects and displays measurement data without operator intervention
  • Generates live graphs for each measured feature
  • Real time view of measurement data
  • Tell QC-Calc which measurement machine you are using and it does the rest!


Data Collection from Hand Gauges

  • Fully featured data collection application for hand tools
  • GageStation allows you to collect data from hand tools as well as measuring systems
  • Easily identify and isolate out of conformance parts


Data Collection from PLCs

  • Analyses and plots results from PLCs including temperature variation, pressure variation (or any output from the PLC).
  • Predict and change your pressures and temperatures before a part fails!


Reporting and Analysis

  • SPC package that analyses data from QC-Realtime
  • Charts and reports to constantly monitor processes
  • Group and view data from multiple sources, filter it and receive live results from the shop floor

SPC Office Buddy

 Full integration with Minitab and Excel

  • Outputs data automatically in to Minitab or Excel 
  • Create personalised reports and the software will automatically populate your layout/format
  • Run Prolink Charts, Minitab Charts or Excel Reports at the click of a button
  • Ends manual data entry once and for all!

Enterprise Report Scheduler - ERS

Scheduled Reporting and Live Visual of Whole Factory/Multiple Site Data

  • Run scheduled management reports
  • Print or email reports immediately, on demand or to a schedule
  • Live Dashboards - AND/ON lights and meters
  • Overhead view of all measurement machines across multiple sites


Allows you to view reports, dashboards and machine data via a web browser.

  • Access via your phone or tablet or PC! 
  • No install on the device other than the browser of your choice

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