Innovalia CMM Verification Artefacts

Verify and calibrate your CMMs and machine tools in just 5 minutes.

CMM verification artifacts tetrahedronCMM verification artifacts tetrahedron
CMM verification artifacts ballbarCMM verification artifacts ballbar
Optical CMM verification artifacts tetrahedronOptical CMM verification artifacts tetrahedron
CMM verification artefactCMM verification artefact


Tetracheck is the most effective and innovative verification system for your CMM. In just 5 minutes, you can verify your working volume and learn about your machine errors to lower your maintenance costs and improve the quality control of your operations.

Tetrahedrons, ballbars, calibration cubes and ball plates for touch and optical systems.

  • 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional ball artefacts up to 1.5m corner to corner spacing are also available.
  • Specialities are tetrahedrons and cubes with which extremely fast interim checks of CMMs can be performed.
  • Testing is possible in less than 10 minutes (mounting, aligning, measuring and evaluating).


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