Innovalia Sea and Land Gages

High-performance horizontal arm-type CMMs

Innovalia Duplex arm type CMMInnovalia Duplex arm type CMM
Innovalia Sea Gage Horizontal Arm CMMInnovalia Sea Gage Horizontal Arm CMM
land gage horizontal arm CMMland gage horizontal arm CMM
Chassis scan with Innovalia CMM colourmapChassis scan with Innovalia CMM colourmap


Versatile high-performance horizontal arm-type CMMs. Designed for measuring large volumes and large parts – popular for manufacturers of cars.

The Innovalia Sea & Land Gage permits the measuring of complete vehicles and large parts, both manual and CNC. It allows you to measure geometric elements, free forms and reverse engineering with optical and tactile probing. An air cushion support system provides smooth, light movement achieving an impressive accuracy and stability over time.

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