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Micro-Vu Vertex

Multi-Sensor Bench Top Measurement System


Key Information

Measuring Capacity
Stage Capacity
315 x 315 x 250mm
2 microns


  • Plastics
  • Packaging
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Small and medium-sized parts
  • Machined parts
  • Moulds
  • Plastics
  • Artwork / PCB masks

This bench-top system, able to measure parts up to 315x315x250mm, offers an affordable, highly-accurate and fast measurement. The illumination options makes the measurement of otherwise hard-to-measure shiny parts simple


Tactile – Touch Probes:

Optical CMM Touch Probe Option

    • Automated probe calibrations.
    • Automatic approach vectoring and docking.
    • High sensitivity, low triggering force probes available.

Laser – Laser Probes:

Optical CMM Laser Attachment

    • Point and path data.
    • Graphical range display.
    • Automated laser calibrations.
    • High sampling rate.
    • Fast Z measurements.
    • Surfaces or points.

Rotary – Rotary Indexer:

Optical CMM Rotary Indexer Option

    • Vertical and horizontal mounting.
    • Faceplate and chuck included.
    • Automated rotary calibration.
    • W-Axis part rotation.
    • Automated calibration.


Product Variants

  • Micro-Vu Excel: The same technology as the Micro-Vu Vertex in a bridge-type CMM. It features a large component capacity of up to 660x715x400mm.
  • Micro-Vu Sol: The same technology as the Excel with manual stage and optical head movement via turning wheels.



We can design and manufacture fixtures for you to make measuring one or multiple parts efficient. Contact us for more information

Inspec Metrology Software 

All systems include our InSpec Metrology Software. Providing point-and-click simplicity, proprietary edge detection, advanced lighting control and calibration, multi-sensor integration, automated calibrations, and a clear display of measurement data and tolerances. It makes measuring easy.

  • Simple User Interface: Camera window, feature summary & log, part schematic, program list and icons
  • Powerful Image Tools: Manual and focus Point; best, first and closest edge; line; arc; circle; ellipse scans; profile circle; closed profile; open and closed follower; O-ring tool and through-point.
  • Automated Calibrations
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Data Import / Export: DXF Import and export, 2D & 3D data point export, other importers are available such as Gerber, Excellon & IGES, auto-export to file, serial port, printer, & ODBC.

Contact Sempre to discuss your measuring challenge.

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