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Metrology Direct has developed very strong supplier partnerships over many years, which enables the company to offer world class products from many sources. These include:

Andilog Partner Metrology Direct
Andilog: Andilog technologies is a French company located near Vitrolles in front of Marseille airport, in the south of France. Founded in 1986 in Boulogne, near Paris, it specialises in creation of instrumentation for measuring force and torque. Andilog has a long history of innovation in physical measurement.
Electronica Partner Metrology Direct
Electronica: A specialist company manufacturing a range of Digital Height Gauges. All products incorporate a user friendly touch screen interface.
Monarch Partner Metrology DIrect
George Products Company - Oasis: Since 1951, George Products Company has been a pioneer in the Metal Products Fabrication Industry. They are the manufacturer of the OASIS Elite, OASIS Core, OASIS CoreX2 and Elite Dual.
HeidenHain Partner Metrology Direct
High QA: A USA based company, committed to the automation of quality assurance processes, HighQA is a team of design, manufacturing, software development and supply chain experts with over 100 years of hands-on experience in mechanical engineering, manufacturing, inspection, PLM, Lean manufacturing and developing quality software products.


Innovalia Partner Metrology Direct
Innovalia: Innovalia Metrology systems and metrology solutions are designed to provide our customers with a guarantee of measurement accuracy for parts and components; vital to the manufacturing process and to enable the achievement of higher levels of productivity and efficiency in production processes.


Inspec Vision Partner Metrology DIrect
Inspec Vision: InspecVision Ltd. was established in March 2003 to develop a range of precision inspection machines for industrial applications. Sales of the Planar system started in mid 2005. The founder of the company, Dr. Jan Antonis has carried out advanced research in computer vision systems at Queens University Belfast in Northern Ireland.
Jenoptik Patner Metrology Direct
Hommel-Etamic: With manufacturing bases in Germany, Switzerland and France, Hommel-Etamic supply a wide range of measurement systems including Surface Roughness, Contour, Form, Optical Non-Contact, Air Gauging, and Special Tactile Gauging. The Movomatic Brand of pre-process, in-process and post-process Gauging also forms part of the Hommel-Etamic offering. Hommel-Etamic’s parent company is Jenoptik, whose world headquarters is in Jena, Germany.
Leitech Partner Metrology Direct
Leitech: Manufacturers of Thread Depth Gauges. These products perform a dual function which also includes thread form and dimensional gauging. All common thread types and sizes are supplied as are many less widely used variations. The product range is complemented with various accessories and both electrical and pneumatic powered drivers.
Micro-Vu Patner Metrology Direct
Micro-Vu: Based in California, Micro-Vu have been manufacturing a range of vision measuring systems since 1959. Their current range includes stage sizes from 160mm x 160mm to 1600mm x 2500mm, giving them a unique position within this rapidly growing sector.  
Mollerwedel Partner Metrology DIrect
Möller-Wedel: Manufacturers of operating microscopes. For 145 years we have been pioneers in the development of high precision optical systems for medicine and science. We dedicate our skills and efforts to the health of humanity by designing and manufacturing medical equipment of highest quality for long-lasting use.
Monarch Partner Metrology DIrect
Monarch: Monarch rapidly became the world’s largest supplier of rotational speed measuring instrumentation and stroboscopic inspection equipment. In 1992, Monarch introduced the DataChart Paperless Recorder. Today, they offer a wide range of technical capabilities and competitive pricing throughout the DataChart product line to include colour touch screens and multi-channel recorders.
Sesa Systems Partners Metrology Direct
SESA Systems - Europes largest manufacturer of products to support Lean Manufacturing and Quality Improvement methods such as 5S, Six Sigma, KANBAN, KAIZEN, TPM, PDCA and many more. With over 2500 quality products available there is sure to be something that meets your needs.
Ultra Precisions Partner Metrology Direct
Ultra Prazision: Based near Frankfurt, Germany, Ultra have developed a world supplier base of quality measurement hand tools and instruments. Their range covers all commonly used items, but also includes many unusual products which would be difficult to source elsewhere.

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