Prolink SPC Universal Data Collection & Analysis Software

Manage and control your data from ANY system with fully automated real-time data collection and reporting. Eliminate waste and add huge value to any business.

Prolink software allows you to automatically collect data from ANY metrology or manufacturing system and output results in the same format for reporting.


Prolink data collection software gives you:

  • full visibility of all your characteristics
  • on all of your components
  • measured on any of your systems
  • at any of your factory sites

in real-time.

Allowing you to make informed in time proactive decisions about your manufacturing processes.

Prolink is a plug and play software that extracts real-time result data from any device or machine with an output including:

  • CMM
  • VMM
  • hand tools such as micrometers, calipers

and countless more gauges.

It enables full analysis, reporting and total visibility and control of your entire data collection process across single or multiple global site locations.



Prolink Software Options

Prolink Modules Include:

  • Data Collection:

    • QC Calc RealTime: Collates, analyses and reports results seamlessly regardless of the equipment type.

    • QC Calc GageStation: Collates data directly from electronic gages that are not as programmable as a CMM or VMM including measuring instruments such as Vernier calipers.

  • Data Visualisation
    • QC Mobile: Web-based application that works in conjunction with ERS to allow reports or dashboard views via a web browser.
  • Data Analysis
      • Enterprise Resource Scheduler (ERS): Facilitates the creation of interactive charts and dashboards demonstrating visibility and control within the factory.
  • Integration with MiniTab and Excel
        • Office Buddy: A fast and easy way to create charts and reports into Minitab®, JMP® and Excel®.


  • Manage and control your data
  • Automatic data collection
  • Get data more easily and faster
  • Connect to Any device or system
  • PPAP reporting
  • It doesn’t matter where the data comes from it end up in the same database and in the same format
  • One job for reporting all in one place
  • All data in one location
Prolink SPC software for measurement

Software Options

Software Add Ons​

Making measurement data collection seamless across all equipment and software.

Drill down measurement data dashboards and reports enabling a top-down view of the overall quality within the factory and across multiple sites.






Medical Devices

Medical Devices





Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal

Precision Engineering

Precision Engineering





Relevant for data collection and analysis in most manufacturing industries, including aerospace, automotive, defence, nuclear, injection moulding, oil & gas and medical.

Any manufacturing industry that has measurement data output, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Defence
  • Nuclear
  • Injection Moulding
  • Oil & Gas
  • Medical

An easy-to-use SPC data collection software that works with many systems – including CMMs, VMMs and Mics – to provide full analysis of measurement results and reporting.

  • QC-CALC is known throughout the industry as the easiest SPC software to implement.
  • We integrate drivers from over 250 makes, models, and versions of every piece of automatic inspection equipment.
  • Fully Integrated with High QA Quality control software and other software solutions on the market.
  • Fully supported trial options on any modules.
  • All functionality is supported via embedded tutorials.
  • Automates with any machine gauge or equipment.
  • Modular, easy to use and implement.
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.
  • Automatic Database Creation
  • On-Screen Features
  • True Position Plots
  • Automatic Reporting
  • Automatic Exporting

Compatible with any equipment. Collect data from any measurement system with any output, from CMM to Micrometer.


QC-CALC SPC is a statistical process control application that analyses the data collected by QC-CALC Real-Time. Use QC-CALC SPC’s charts and reports to consistently monitor your processes and remain in control.


QC-CAL SPC Real-Time is a comprehensive application designed to manage data, analyse results, and report the findings of shop floor data. QC-CALC SPC provides a variety of data charts and functions to quicken analysis and improve accuracy, allowing you to make decisions expeditiously. In seconds, QC-CALC SPC Real-Time can give you accurate and reliable insights into your shop floor production line performance.

QC-GAGE (GageStation)

Another highly functional product in the Prolink software range, the QC-GAGE is a data collection application that can be used with keyboards, hand-held gages, barcode readers, linear transducers and LVDTs. GageStation automatically connects with QC-CALC Real-Time and displays data in graphs and table format. By using both QC-GAGE and QC-CALC Real-Time software together, non-conforming parts can be easily identified and dealt with.

QC Mobile

QC Mobile is Prolink’s first ever web-based application. QC Mobile delivers analytical reports and statistics to the shop floor using a web browser. This Prolink software works in partnership with ERS to assist you in distributing reports. QC Mobile is universal and can be integrated as a portable web server on any PC in your network.

SPC Office Buddy

Prolink’s SPC Office Buddy is a state-of-the-art SPC data collection application that carries out reporting using the inspection data collected by QC-CALC Real-Time. SPC Office Buddy integrates directly with Minitab, JMP, and Microsoft Excel to and is an operator-friendly addition to Prolink’s range of measurement data collection. 

Enterprise Report Scheduler ERS

The Enterprise Report Scheduler is a valuable desktop reporting application that offers an enhanced view of quality data. Enterprise Report Scheduler facilitates the creation of dashboards, interactive data charts, and Full Views.

  • Real-time data collection from any device
  • Total visibility & control of data across the entire manufacturing process (single site or multi-site location)
  • Highlights in real-time any production issue or trends 
  • Automatically generate password protected scheduled reports
  • Prevents expensive recalls that can damage a manufacturer’s reputation
  • Validate the process and data of who and when has collected it – Prolink gives you a validation certificate
  • Full analysis & reporting helping toward FDA auditing

Prolink’s data analysis software offers many operational benefits, saving organisations time and resources.

  • Easy to use & automated data collection software with tools that can reduce raw data into information
  • Prolink products can be integrated with your existing software and web browsers
  • The SPC data analyses range can assist you in identifying possible trends, faulty features and non-conforming parts
  • Prolink software can automatically collect data on up to 3000 features per part
  • The advanced system warns users when parts reach their tolerance 
  • Measurements are displayed on an easy to read chart, if a part is in the correct range it will display green, and when it is out of tolerance it will display red
  • ERS allows you to locate issues as they arise 
  • Access your data on the go, from anywhere

Founded in 1983, Prolink pride themselves in addressing and automating data collection and quality analysis tasks performed throughout organisations worldwide. Prolink offers a first-class range of data analysis software solutions.

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