Flat Panel measurement

available for components up to 3m

ProPanel 3m Portable Digital Calipers


Measure flat products and panels such as sheet metal, doors or windows. 
Outside - outside, inside - inside, hole to hole, edge to hole, and diagonal comparisons.

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Propanel Digital Calipers
Quick & easy portable digital  measurement with data output 

Standard sizes up to 3m

Measure internal and external diameters

Edge to hole measurement

Hole to hole measurement

Accuracy within 0.15mm

Portable digital Measurement

Edge-To-Edge Measurement

Hole-To-Hole Measurement


Use cone attachments to measure from hole to hole.



Use jaws or pin attachments to measure from edge to edge.


Comparing Diagonals

Pin attachments for comparing diagonals. See the video below.


Internal and External Dimensions

Measure internal dimensions with specialised jaws.

Wireless Data Transfer

No Need To Write Down Or Type Up Measurements

– Record measurements at the touch of a button

– Digital data output

– Option For Wireless Data Transfer


See the ProPanel Caliper in action in our video, showing

> Diagonal comparison

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See The ProPanel Caliper In Action. Request a Demo.

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