About The Sempre Group

Since 2000, The Sempre Group have provided a wide range of quality, metrology and lean efficiency systems for the manufacturing industry across the UK and Ireland.

We create value for your business and industry by providing you with a solution that increases productivity, reduces waste and ensures British and Irish manufacturing is the best in global offerings.

Who we are

The Sempre Group, established in 2000 as Metrology Direct Ltd., supplies measuring equipment to industry. Due to developing a wide profile of manufacturing partners, we are able to find the right solution for our customers – be it measuring, automation, inspection management, compliance reporting, integration or lean. 

Our consultants can resolve the toughest metrology challenges across all sectors, and our expert service team offers support through contract measurement and system calibration and servicing. Finally, our in-house solution developers work with you on creating new and innovative ways to increase your efficiency and boost your productivity.

We work alongside many manufacturing industries to provide solutions to a variety of requirements in quality control and automation. With extensive knowledge in OEM and industries including aerospace, medical devices and automotive, we also apply that understanding to all their supplying tiers. As we expand into new product ranges, our customer range does too. We now work with more educational and research establishments, as well as industries such as food and energy.


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