Jenoptik Waveline range

State of the art surface roughness and contour systems.

The Jenoptik Waveline series has been expertly developed for complex professional roughness and contour measuring tasks in an industrial manufacturing process setting.

W800 roughness and contour measurement probeW800 roughness and contour measurement probe
W5 with printerW5 with printer
Surface roughness w5Surface roughness w5
Evovis roughness and contour softwareEvovis roughness and contour software
Evovis roughness and contour metrology softwareEvovis roughness and contour metrology software


Waveline measuring systems offer you extensive evaluation possibilities for surface measurement of contour and roughness, with the option for combining the two depending on the system.



W900 roughness and contour measurement probe
  • Versatile: Mobile/handheld or stationary; manual or automated, for simple or complex measuring tasks.
  • Precise measurement in production: Robust and high-precision solutions provide accurate results in environments close to production. 
  • Simple operation: Our systems are easy to operate for any level of experience thanks to an intuitive software interface.
  • Flexibility: Exchangeable probe arms and a comprehensive range of accessories– suitable for different measuring tasks on flexible production lines
  • Professional metrology: Measurements performed in accordance with international standards. Simple operation, and professional evaluation of the measured values.
  • Modern technology: Wireless Bluetooth® technology allows an almost limitless range of applications. In-contour measurement, digital probing systems ensure reliable measurement results without analogue limitations.
  • Intelligent probing systems: The correct measuring conditions are automatically set for contour measurement.


Bearings industry 

Tactile roughness measurement

  • Roughness parameters
  • Core roughness parameters
  • Profile parameters
  • Waviness parameters
  • Motif parameters
  • JIS parameters
  • Topography evaluation
  • Dominant waviness
  • Twist parameters


Tactile contour measurement

  • Angle
  • Radius
  • Distance
  • Parallelism
  • Crowning
  • Gothic arcs
  • Edge geometries
  • Line profile
  • Threads
  • Diameter


Optical surface inspection

  • Crosshatch angles
  • Area of blowholes
  • Radius
  • Laser honing structures
W10 traverse roughness testing

Product Range

Product Range

Stationary roughness and contour measurement system.

Fast, flexible and precise roughness and contour modular measurement system

Precise roughness, waviness and profile mobile measurement for the shopfloor

Precise Mobile Roughness Measuring System






Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Precision Engineering

Precision Engineering

Software Options

Evovis roughness and contour metrology software

Evolvis Software for W800 & W900

Powerful and easy-to-use contour and roughness measurement software.

  • Standardised user interface
  • Easy-to-understand control logic and extensive support functions for designing individual measurement applications, test plans & print forms. 
  • Its applications range from simple measurements of a single characteristic to fully automated measurement applications within the Industry 4.0 environment.
  • Measuring station control with live display.
  • Automatic system configuration when changing the probe system or probe arm.
  • Extensive statistical functions.
  • Interactive analysis and evaluation functions.
  • All globally standardised surface parameters for primary, roughness and waviness profiles.
  • Professional contour evaluation with an evaluation of geometric dimensions, tolerance of profiles and extensive functions to evaluate profile form deviations.
  • A simple definition of automated measuring and evaluation processes.

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