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GelSight Mobile Shock Protected

Designed to perform in the most demanding environments, from production line to out in the field.

Key Information

Standard Field-of-View Option
Z Sensitivity
Z Axis Accuracy
17.0mm x 14.2mm
< 1 µm
< 1 µm + 4%


  • Aerospace: Inspect more of the engine without decommissioning and analyse scratches, corrosion, weld points and defects.
  • MRO: For use during the maintenance, repair and overhaul section of aerospace.
  • Automotive: Brake disc analysis, texture analysis, fabric analysis for the weave of the fabric, camshaft imperfections and grooves.
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Smartphone manufacturing: Analyse imperfections on transparent material such as glass touch screens.
  • Medical device manufacturing: Analyse transparent components – pipets.
  • Medical Human Application: Analyse how wounds heal – scar tissue – on human skin soft gel.
  • Forensics: Analyse crime scene ballistics, gun barrels, cartridges and fingerprints.
  • Sunglasses: Measure highly reflective material glasses, components or consumer electronics.
  • Counterfeit investigation: Verify coins.
  • Museums: Analyse artefacts.

Key Characteristics Inspected

  • Inspection flushness of glass to metal
  • Chamfer of buttons and holes
  • Dents, composite panel, tools marks


  • Surfaces of aerostructures, cowlings, engine fan blades, windshields and other surfaces
  • Fastener assembly, dent, composite panel, tools mark
  • Precise assembly between parts of different materials (glass, aluminium, plastic) such as in mobile phones.


Gel cartridges are reusable but will need to be replaced when worn these can be bought separately.

Multiple types of gel are available to aid specific applications.


Standard Device 6cm x 6cm x 16cm, 500 g

Extended View Device 6cm x 6cm x 22cm, 600 g

Resolution 5 MP camera, 75 FPS

Accuracy <1 Micron

Capture Speed 100ms 3D

Data Speed 3D data available in seconds

Interface USB 3.0 to Tablet or Laptop

Tablet Included Microsoft Surface Pro

Standard Field-of-View Option 8.4mm x 7.1mm

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