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Micro-Vu Range

Multiple measurement sensors in one system for fast, high accuracy measurement.


The Micro-Vu systems are a collection of highly-accurate metrology devices that require little operator interference and deliver consistent results.


Why use a multi-sensing system?

Optical measurement systems can help manufacturers to improve repeatability while reducing measurement time — the systems can take thousands of points in seconds. Optical systems can also deliver precise measurements without coming into contact with the product, which is particularly useful when measuring the surface material of a part that a probe could easily damage.

Tactile probing can be used to inspect any hard-to-reach spaces such as bores, tubes and edge breaks.

Laser attachments allow fast point data collection provides points clouds when they are required.

After scanning, the Micro-Vu Inspec measurement software will combine results from all of the systems sensors.

Rotary options allow the part to be held and rotated to access other areas of the part optically.

New models now have OCR, barcode and pattern recognition for a library of your parts, an even faster zoom, as well as an external makeover.

We offer full design and manufacture of metrology fixtures for our Micro-Vu range, both static and rotational for repeatable, reproducible, large batch sizes and 360 degree measurement.

Micro-Vu features


Micro vu vertex multi sensing vision system
  • The systems are highly accurate, starting from 2 μm accuracy
  • Micro-Vu machines can handle all types of materials, including black, white or reflective services
  • The illumination options makes the measurement of otherwise hard-to-measure shiny parts simple.
  • It requires low operator intervention — simply click to operate
  • Reduces measurement time when compared with tactile probe measurement alone
  • Reduces reporting time as data is collected to populate a report automatically

Applications of Micro-Vu systems

These coordinate measuring systems are used to measure a wide variety of materials parts and assemblies. Manufacturers can use these systems to measure medium and large parts, but the system will accept most part sizes.

The Micro-vu range is best used to inspect parts such as:

  • Machine parts
  • Injection moulds
  • Plastic parts
  • Printed circuit boards
  • PCB masks
  • Sheet metal
  • O-rings

Product Range

Product Range

Multi-Sensor Bench Top Measurement System.

Two-dimensional, high precision optical measurement machine.

Automated bridge-type Optical CMM with 2.5μm accuracy & 0.05μm resolution for large parts.

Semi-automated optical measuring machine.

Bespoke fixture design, manufacture and verification for measuring instruments and systems.


The Micro-vu systems are best suited for high-precision industries such as:



Aerospace industry


Automotive Industry

Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal

Precision Engineering

Precision Engineering



Software options

Micro Vu Excel Optical CMM software

Inspec Software

All systems include our InSpec Metrology Software. Providing point-and-click simplicity, proprietary edge detection, advanced lighting control and calibration, multi-sensor integration, automated calibrations, and a clear display of measurement data and tolerances. It makes measuring easy with three technologies: optical, probe and laser measurement.

  • Simple User Interface: Camera window, feature summary & log, part schematic, program list and icons
  • Powerful Image Tools: Manual and focus Point; best, first and closest edge; line; arc; circle; ellipse scans; profile circle; closed profile; open and closed follower; O-ring tool and through-point.
  • Automated Calibrations.
  • Temperature Compensation.
  • Data Import / Export: DXF Import and export, 2D & 3D data point export, other importers available Gerber, Excellon, & IGES, Auto-Export to File, Serial Port, Printer, & ODBC.

To get the accurate data when measuring components, the should all be measured while in the same position and kept steady in the measuring system.

Fixtures can hold parts to give the measurement system maximum visibility and probe access. These fixtures can also ensure that all parts are oriented in the same way during inspection.

The Sempre Group can design and manufacture high-quality, ergonomic and easy-to-use fixtures for a range of machines and applications. We can handle the entire process, including design consultation, in-house prototyping, programming and produce instructional guides for your staff.

All Micro-Vu systems now come with a UKAS accredited calibration to ISO10360-7:2011 as standard. This is the first international standard that tests the calibration and testing of non-contact coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). 


The Sempre Group is on hand to install systems and offers calibration services to ensure all measurements are valid in the long term. It is also one of the few UK companies that has a UKAS accredited lab for calibration of optical/vision CMMs including all of our Micro-Vu systems.

The Sempre Group has teams in the UK and Ireland to supply, install and support equipment, offer advice and solve any measurement challenges your application may face. To find out more about its equipment offering or to book a demonstration of one of the Micro-vu systems, visit our contact page or call +44 (0)1452 632 712.

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