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Metrology Fixtures

Creating a repeatable, reproducible, traceabl, inspection process for any metrology system. Bespoke fixture design, manufacture and verification for measuring instruments and systems.

Metrology Fixtures
Cmm fixtureCmm fixture
fixture microvu drawingfixture microvu drawing
optical cmm fixtureoptical cmm fixture
metrology fixture designmetrology fixture design
metrology fixturemetrology fixture
automated rotary fixtureautomated rotary fixture
Fixture for vision CMM systemFixture for vision CMM system
metrology fixture optical cmmmetrology fixture optical cmm

optical cmm fixture

Repeatedly secures components for inspection

› Keeps exact orientation of part

› Compact poke yoke component nests

› Ergonomic securing mechanisms

› Flexible quantity of components from single nest to high volume component

› Multiple component variations

› Allows multiple components to be measured in one routine

All the benefits of static and rotary fixtures plus:

› 360 degree access to components

› Programme to be optimised to the part orientation

› Precision manual turning

All the benefits of static and rotary fixtures plus:

› Automated rotation – fire and forget

› Minimal operator involvement

› High volume measurement

› Reduce cycle time


metrology fixture optical cmm

› Design, manufacture, validation, programming, gauge R&R

› Low cost, fast turnaround solutions available

› Inspection focused technical design team

› Reduce cycle time

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