Pro Panel Large Portable Digital Calipers

ProPanel precision hand-held measuring tools

ProPanel precision hand-held measuring tools. Built and used as a calliper to make inside, outside, diagonal, hole-edge and hole-hole dimensional measurements

ProPanel is a large, portable handheld calliper designed to measure panels and flat products. Perfect for shop-floor applications, the rugged, anodised aluminium rail and hard-anodised jaws are long-lasting and durable – even when debris is present.

The calliper can measure many different features of parts, including outside-to-outside dimensions, inside-to-inside dimensions, hole-to-hole, edge-to-hole, comparison of diagonal measurements and more.

The sliding carriage moves on four ultra-low friction bearings to minimise pitch and yaw errors to allow you to accurately measure. A large LCD readout means dimensions are easy to read. ProPanel uses our Series II measuring technology for the utmost in performance and reliability in nearly all working environments.

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