Arkite - Operator Guidance System

An augmented reality assembly assistant, the ultimate operator guidance for assembly and manufacturing industries.

Arkite Human Interface Mate (HIM)
arkite projector from abovearkite projector from above
arkite assembly guidancearkite assembly guidance
arkite assembly assistancearkite assembly assistance
arkite ai assemblyarkite ai assembly


The Arkite artificial intelligence assembly line is widely used in the automotive industry.


The packaging industry have adopted the Arkite as a method of measurement.


Many industrial ar and manufacturing ar providers have found great use in implementing the Arkite automatic assembly system to train operators without supervision.


The AR assembly system is robust and provides an additional layer of safety and peace of mind when assembling products for the first time.

Arkite offers real-time and contactless AR guidance for flexible and efficient production.

An augmented reality assembly assistant, HIM helps the operator to build and navigate systems with light-picking and visual projection for quality control. The system transforms workstations into a digital and interactive environment and is the ultimate operator guidance technology. 

Integrate the following products into your companies ecosystem to increase your workflow and enhance performance

PLCs –  Arkite units are intelligently integrated with line PLCs to allow for a line stop should issues arise

Smart Tools – Smart tools, such as  the digital torque enable and disable themselves when needed

Network – API integration to control and manage data

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