Optical Non-Contact

Highly accurate dimensional measurement in seconds. Measurably faster than contact systems.

Optical measurement improves repeatability while reducing measurement time. A great option for parts affected by tactile probing, or components on which probing alternatives are too time-consuming. 1000s of points taken in a single second.

Robust, shop floor optical shaft metrology at its simplest, fastest and most accurate.

Instant non-contact 2D measurement of small shafts, with an option for measuring flat parts.

Fast, high precision 3D optical bore inspection with long rotating probes.

Amplify your non-contact metrology capabilities with our high precision optical measurement systems. Our optical measurement systems are top of the line in inspection technologies. These versatile metrology systems are automated and capable of performing non-contact shaft measurements and product inspection with a high level of accuracy.

Automated Quality Inspection

Fast, high precision automated optical inspection equipment.

Non-Contact Metrology

Instant non-contact measurements of small shafts, with optional add-ons for measuring flat parts.

Jenoptik Opticline

Jenoptik is a leading supplier of automated optical inspection equipment. The Opticline range is designed to take fast and accurate measurements of cylindrical or shaft-type parts using a newly optimised camera system.


Oasis, founded in 1982, provides state-of-the-art metrology tooling and non-contact inspection to various industries globally. The Oasis range features advanced optical measurement systems, including the Oasis Elite, which incorporates flexible part options to measure cylindrical and flat objects.

Novacam Bore Inspection

Novacam Technologies Inc. design and manufacture non-contact metrology systems for various applications across high-precision sectors, including aerospace, automotive and  medical.

The Sempre Group was established to support manufacturers, improve productivity and increase value with state of the art quality control solutions.

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