Sempre Connect

Sempre Connect is the simple, low-cost solution for quick and easy automation and integration of your inspection systems.

automation loading of optical shaft measurementautomation loading of optical shaft measurement
SempreConnect Automation SoftwareSempreConnect Automation Software
SempreConnect Industrial Automation SoftwareSempreConnect Industrial Automation Software


This simple software eliminates the need for complicated PLCs and enables the integration between an inspection system with an automated process – such as pick and place cobots. After measuring, it verifies things like whether a part is good or within tolerance and feeds this information to a connected automation solution to place in the correct ‘pile.’

Sempre Connect, along with our portfolio of effective shop floor measurement solutions, offers a unique method of quickly and easily automating quality control without the use of a PLC.

  • PC based programming – no PLC training required.
  • Training included with installation.
  • Turnkey package.
  • Support and programming available.
  • Communication with PLCs.

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