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MicroRidge MobileCollect

Universal gauge data transmitters. By using MicroRidge MobileCollect you can transfer data wirelessly from your measuring instruments at the press of a button. Any gauge to any SPC software.

Key Information

Compatible Gauges
Compatible Destination Software
Any gauge with a digital output
Any data collection programs, including MeasurLink and Prolink as well as Excel

Any industry using precise measurement hand tools or instruments.

MobileConnect simplifies the wireless data transfer from your measurement system to your SPC/DAQ application.

  • Grab and go: no more tangled gauge cables.
  • Reliable: high transmitter Up to 40.5m range.
  • Compatible with any SPC Software.
  • Data collection in real-time, with 100% accuracy with the press of a button.
  • One receiver can connect hundreds of gauges.
  • Setup is easy: connect a receiver to a data collection computer a transmitter to each measuring instrument.

Find the right MobileConnect system for you.

Mobile Module Transmitters

The Mini, Command, and RS-232 Mobile Modules are battery-powered and used with handheld or mobile devices such as calipers and micrometers.

Remote Transmitters

The Digital and RS-232 Remotes transmitters are AC adapter powered and used with non-mobile devices such as scales, digital indicators and height gages. 

Base Receivers

The USB Base, RS-232/USB Base, Wedge/USB Base and USB MicroBase receivers are each for a specific data collection need and offer a 40.5m range.

Compatible with all data collection programs, including MeasurLink and Prolink.

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