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Industrial Metrology

Fast and accurate systems and software with repeatable precision measurement for manufacturing and R&D.

Discover your Metrology Solution

Looking to ensure reliable quality in precision industries such as aerospace, automotive or medical devices?
Our experts will help you choose the right metrology systems to meet your requirements and improve productivity.

With extensive industry knowledge and experience , we partner with a wide range of manufacturing industries
as well as research and design centres including educational institutions.

We offer fast, high-precision metrology equipment including 3D scanners, optical and tactile measurement devices,
metrology fixtures and cutting-edge CMMs and VMMs to UK and Ireland manufacturers.

Not sure where to start?
We can advise you on the best solution as well as offer sub-contract measurement services.

CMMs that measure at speed within production processes. With optical, laser, tactile, probing and rotary sensor options.

Highly accurate dimensional measurement in seconds. Measurably faster than contact systems.

Portable, lightweight articulated laser and tactile measuring arms with up to 7 axes.

3D optical profiler for high-end surface measurement to the nanometer.

Economical field of view measuring of multiple 2D parts simultaneously, within a single second.

Full 360º 3D scanning that enables reverse engineering and comparing components with CAD files.

Jenoptik high-accuracy contour, roughness and form measurement.

Bespoke gauging solutions for inline measurement and high accuracy pneumatic measurement.

Bespoke fixture design, manufacture and verification for measuring instruments and systems.

Quality 4.0 is well and truly here, so use the following systems to automate your compliance activities.

A complete range of shop floor handheld precision measuring instruments.

Supporting quality engineers for over 20 years

Automated, high precision measurement systems increase productivity, save time and reduce scrap. Industrial metrology equipment can improve the traceability of quality process and adherence to industrial standards. Invest in metrology with a rapid ROI.

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2D & 3D Metrology Software 

Sempre provides high performance industrial metrology solutions to manufacturers in a variety of industries using state-of-the art 2D & 3D software.

Manufacturing Automation

Our industrial metrology equipment has everything you need to automate and integrate and your quality systems. Manufacturing automation can prevent human error and ultimately reduce costs.

Machine Tool Metrology

Our machine tool metrology is data driven and a traceable solution for high accuracy measurement.

Our 2D and 3D metrology software is used across industries such as automotive, aerospace and medical.


Getting you from a to b. Metrology has played a crucial role in product development within the automotive manufacturing industry. Sempre provides durable semiconductor metrology to the automotive industry for use directly on the shop floor and as part of production processes.


Metrology products are widely adopted and relied upon by the aerospace sector. The nature of the industry requires intelligent solutions with a high level of accuracy. Sempre’s metrology systems deliver precise measurements and material parameters to increase the safety of spacecrafts, helicopters and aircrafts. 


Industrial Metrology is widely used in the medical and healthcare sector as a method of obtaining data, and also implementing an additional layer of quality control in product development.


About Sempre

The Sempre group was established to support manufacturers, improve productivity and increase value with state of the art quality control solutions.

At Sempre Group, quality control is key. Find out more about our Industrial Metrology range and how Sempre can transform your metrology solutions.

Find out more about our range of industrial metrology equipment and how Sempre can solve your measuring challenge.

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