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Quality 4.0: Integrate, Automate, Connect & Comply

Implementing Quality 4.0 on your shop floor.


Quality 4.0 A Key Part of Industry 4.0

Quality has previously been more like a policing engine than a vehicle for improvement. 

However, Industry 4.0 brings with it a data-driven, digital approach to quality, which manufacturers can use to glean insights and for decision making. 

A fully digitised approach to quality removes the challenge of integrating data from fragmented sources, reduces room for error and enables manufacturers to improve their productivity.

To meet the latest revolution in industry development we have put together 4 simple steps.

Integrate, automate, connect and comply.

We are able to offer a full quality 4.0 solution from drawing to report, no need for manual data entry, fathoming 20 different softwares or repeatedly hand loading 1000s of parts in to a machine.

We would love to support you in your quality 4.0 journey. 


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Quality Inspection Planning
Learn how to bring together your inspection technologies into a single 
unified process.

Integrate all quality management into one unified electronic quality management system (EQMS). In a paper system, suppliers may be performing quality checks, only for the parts to be inspected for compliance again when they arrive on the manufacturer’s site. In contrast, by taking a digital approach, where the manufacturing company could simply access the relevant data on its EQMS, the extra step is eliminated. 

We can help you transform your shop floor efficiency and productivity with a fully integrated inspection line, using our systems and software to create a seamless harvesting and reporting system for you to make better informed real time decisions.



Use your programmable systems, with robotics, to make your processes less laborious, more efficient and traceable.

This allows staff to be moved out of low value, monotonous work and into more important areas of the business, making better use of the workforce. As well as automating processes themselves, manufacturers can automate data collection. Instead of having a paper trail of data staff have written down, it is accurately recorded in the central system.

Automate your processes, with collaborative robot (cobot) fed systems and with the use of intelligent auto-ballooning software to read your GD&T drawings for you creating inspection plans automatically.

Removing the need for manual input and for repetitive work drastically reduces time taken and often reduces unnecessary errors.




Prolink Software Options

Connect all your metrology systems with factory wide data collection network 

Connectivity is a central part of Industry 4.0, as it is Quality 4.0. Inspection, robotics, digital inputs and outputs, software, SQL data management and enterprise reporting can be pulled together into systems greater than the sum of their parts.

Wireless connectivity of equipment to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and portable tablets means manufacturers can easily implement a factory-wide data collection network. The manufacturer can connect suppliers, operations, customers and products with edge analytics and bring the data together into a common SQL database for all business processes. 

Our software packages can collate data from any measurement system or hand tool with a digital output and give realtime feedback from the whole shop floor.



Ensure traceability and that you meet industry standards, our software can automatically produce reports from the data collected from the shop floor. 

With automatically generated reports; FAIRs, ISIRs or PPAPs and compliance to standards including AS9100, ISO17025, ISO9000, 21CFR.

Monitoring data collected by equipment and storing it in a central system enables manufacturers to detect trends and take proactive actions to decrease scrappage. For example, a Universal Robot UR5 could be combined with a Micro Vu Optical CMM and wireless Andon status lights. The manufacturer could then connect these through Sempre Connect software to a database, to achieve pull through reporting, monitoring and trend detection.

These steps make meeting compliance obligations easy. Manufacturers can generate reports automatically, whether it is first article inspection reports (FAIRs), initial sample inspection reports (ISIRs) or production part approval process (PPAP) documents, to comply with standard like ISO 17025, ISO 9000, 21 CFR or AS9100.  


highqa reporting FAIR PPAP ISIR

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