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Register for upcoming webinars or watch back our previous technology and user training webinars.

Uncover the impact of runout on part performance and gain insights into best practice
The importance of surface shape and form resonates strongly, particularly in industries at the forefront
Discover the costs and consequences of relying on obsolete technology in precision measurement, and learn
Investing in a new metrology solution or changing the current process can present substantial long-term
Uncover the impact of runout on part performance and gain insights into best practice
The importance of surface shape and form resonates strongly, particularly in industries at the forefront
The quest for quality has helped push new innovations such as CT scanners which offer

Upcoming Webinars

Sensofar webinar 1


7 Mar 2024

Sensofar Webinar - Optical Mastery

Selecting the right technique for optimal surface data in every measurement scenario.

Join us as we demonstrate the capabilities of nanometer technology

Why use non-contact 3D tecniques:

  • Interferometry
  • Focus variation
  • Confocal
  • SENSO PRO software
Arkite Vision webinar


21 Mar 2024

Arkite Webinar - Operator Guidance with Arkite Vision

Integrated guidance and quality inspection for ultimate assembly traceability.

See the latest Arkite VISION platform

Now with integrated guidance and quality inspection

 We’ll cover:

  • Platforms introduction
  • Vision Detection and validation demonstration  
  • Software overview
  • Integration with smart tools and other ecosystems

Webinar Recordings​


26 Jan 2024

GelSight Webinar - Surface Inspection & Automatic Defect Detection​

Join us as we demonstrate the latest software capabilities and surface characterisation:
– New defect detection analysis function
– Radius of curvature
– Surface roughness – Profile roughness
– Dimensional measurements
– Particle detection 

Opticline T3D Webinar


7 Feb 2024

Opticline T3D Webinar - Unveiling hidden features with scanning probe accuracy

See the latest Opticline T3D –

Now with full scanning probe capabilities.

This video covers:

  • Hole measurement. 
  • Keyway and slots. 
  • CAM/Profile measurement.
  • Spline measurement.
High QA Webinar -January 2024

High QA

18 Jan 2024

High QA Webinar - Automate PPAP, FAI, SPC & Submit Documents up to 70% Faster.

Find out how to:

  • Reduce the cost of quality non-conformance and minimise variations.
  • Ensure compliance with industry standards.
  • Collaborate internally.
  • Enable data & report exchange with suppliers/buyers seamlessly & securely. 
  • Generate, collaborate, track, store, and deliver quality documents – anytime, anyplace.

CT Scanning

13 Sept 2022

How CT Scanning Is Changing Manufacturing Inspection

  • What is computer tomography
  • What role CT plays in manufacturing & quality inspection
  • What does CT scanning compare to?
  • Why is CT technology significant?
  • What will CT scanning do for you?
  • Sub-contract scanning services.
  • Purchase a system.
High QA Webinar - Save time

High QA

10 Nov 2021

Saving Time In PPAP, ISIR and FAIR Processes

Save 95% of time in the PPAP, ISIR and FAIR reporting process with HighQA .

  • Auto-Ballooning
  • Importing Data
  • Report Generation
Instant 2D Inspection Webinar


26 Oct 2021

Instant 2D Inspection & Reverse Engineering With InspecVision Planar

Demonstration of 2D Field of View scanning with inspection and reverse engineering: 

  • GD&T
  • Profile deviation maps
  • Measuring multiple parts at the same time
  • Automatic exporting inc SPC and reporting


6 Apr 2021

Streamline Your Logistics Processes With Kanban & Dynamics - Lean Manufacturing Webinar April 2021

  • What is the goal of KANBAN 
  • How and where KANBAN is used with examples
  • Tools for planning and streamlining part movement and stock levels
Arkite Digital Work Instructions


28 Apr 2022

Digital Work Instructions - Giving Operators Independence With Arkite Webinar April 22

  • Light projection of instructions from above: to display correct and incorrect operations, images and even video clips to demonstrate the next steps in a process.
  • Reduces the need for intensive training: Employees can follow step by step visual real-time guides on how to complete each assembly operation
  • Full traceability: The software can also record all assembly, movements and more so you have full traceability of assembly and picking processes.
Arkite VISION Webinar


26 Oct 2021

Arkite VISION Webinar

Introducing Arkite VISION, with a live demo and software explanation.


2 Feb 2023

See how to speed up your current CMMs cycle time with Renishaw's REVO® System WEBINAR

  • 3-axis vs. 5-axis scanning technology
  • Surface finish and vision capabilities
  • Cmm retrofit

High QA

15 Mar 2022

Become 75% Faster at Your APQP & PPAP Processes - HighQA Webinar

Find out how you can make your APQP & PPAP processes more efficient and structured.

User Training Webinars​


16 Jun 2021

Micro Vu User Webinar June 2021

A demonstration of how to utilise the following tools on your Micro-Vu:

  • Working with cones and spheres.
  • Circumscribed/Inscribed circles
  • Determine the largest and smallest sizes of circles
  • Working with splines
  • Advantages of area focus over point focus
Tolaris Webinar

Opticline Software

2 Aug 2021

Tolaris Opticline Software Demo Webinar

New features of Tolaris that make programming and measurement more efficient.

  • How to start programming a new part
  • Adding complex features
  • Total radial runout – strp by step
  • One-click measurements & menu options
  • Auto-generate test characteristics
Opticline user webinar


26 Oct 2021

Jenoptik Opticline October 2021 Webinar

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Using multiple alignments to find difficult features
  • Bringing in reference features from previous measurements
  • Automatically aborting a measurement
    Demonstrated on both the Turbo Optic3 and Tolaris software.
Opticline Webinar


19 May 2021

Opticline User Webinar

Hints and tips webinar to help you make the most of your Opticline systems.

Covering the following topics:

  • Cylindricity
  • Thread dimensions (major, minor, pitch diameters, flank angles & pitch length) 
  • Length position of thread intersection points
  • Holding components with fixturing
Micro-Vu how to Webinar


21 Apr 2021

Micro-Vu Optical CMM How To Webinar April 2021

Find out hints and tips to get the most from your Micro-Vu Excel or Vertex Optical CMM.

This webinar covers:

  • Command Line: with pictures and positioning
  • Playback options: choosing whether the program pauses or moves to the next feature
  • How to measure multiple parts at once: with and without fixturing
Opticline shaft measurement


24 Mar 2021

Opticline Optical Shaft Measurement User Webinar March 2021

How to measure:

  • Roundness
  • Concentricity
  • Run-out
  • Contour comparison
  • Interrupted surfaces 
Micro-Vu webinar distance and gap


24 Feb 2021

Micro-Vu User Webinar February 2021

Hints and tips webinar to help you make the most of your Micro-Vu systems.

Covering the following topics:

  • Distance and Gap Measurement Tools
  • Text and Prompts
  • Using Planes & Exporting Data.
What can your opticline do


28 Jan 2021

What Can Your Opticline Do? Webinar Jan 2021

Join us for a demonstration to show you the latest in Opticline functionality and how this is enhanced using touch probing options and robotics.

Get tips on how to get the most from your Opticline Shaft Measurement System.

Micro-Vu runout


8 Dec 2020

Micro-Vu How To Webinar

How to measure:

  • Gauge diameter 2D/3D 
  • Between intersected points 
  • Cylindricity 
  • Runout 
  • Roundness
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