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Leitech Thread Gauges

Thread & thread depth measurement in one

Hi-resolution Thread Gauge

Leitech’s Hi-resolution Thread Gauge is used in the same way as the Combi Gauge, but with 0.1mm or .005 resolution per division for depth. 

  • Features a locking device to allow the measuring sleeve to be locked at the depth reading and preset reading


Combi Thread Gauge

To control thread tolerance, the Leitech Combi Thread Gauge is used in the same way as a normal double-ended thread gauge. 


Traditional Thread Gauge

Leitech’s classic dual-ended thread gauge. This industry favoured thread gauge tool has the capability of measuring both thread quality and thread depth in one swift operation.


Digital Motorised Thread Gauge (DMG)

Leitech’s digital and motorised gauge is a newer, more refined model of the High-Resolution Gauge. The high-performance Digi Gauge displays exact measurements on a digital screen, as opposed to determining the result in manual operation. By opting for the Leitech Digi Gauge, you can improve the accuracy of your measurements by eliminating the chance of human error.

Product Variants

  • DMG-Digital Motorised Gauge
  • Core hole gauges
  • Digi Speed
  • Special Gauges
  • The same inserts are used across Leitech’s range of thread gauges
  • Quick and easy replacements of inserts displaying wear and tear
  • Leitech inserts are hardened and tempered to 62+/- 1HRc
  • Optional maintenance and calibration of depth available
  • Leitech inserts are up to 100% longer, which offers a high level of durability

Leitech is a thread control system for internal threads, which measures the internal thread size and thread depth in one operation.

The Leitech System is a popular tool, favoured by a number of leading companies worldwide. Thread gauges are stocked in all international standards, including ISO, ANSI & JIS.

Suitable for any industry using measurement hand tools or instruments.

Leitech systems are ideal for companies that drill and tap large quantities of threaded holes.

Leaders in thread depth and thread measuring thread diameter

Leitech Instruments ApS is a Danish-owned company that produces the patented and award-winning system Leitech worldwide.

Leitech’s internal thread measuring gauges have the capacity to inspect thread elements with the accuracy required across multiple, high-precision industries.

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