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Micro-Vu HF5

Field Of View Measuring System

Key Information

Measuring Capacity
Measuring Range
69.3 x 49.6 mm, 0-90°
5 microns


  • Plastics
  • Packaging
  • Aerospace
  • Medical

InSpec Metrology Software:

Designed to work seamlessly with the HF5, InSpec software equips you with the tools needed to create repeatable measurement processes with unmatched efficiency and precision.

It enables more accurate programming, feature creation, and visualisation, specifically tailored to the HF5’s capabilities. Utilising advanced edge detection algorithms, InSpec quickly detects and measures features with sub-pixel accuracy and repeatability, ensuring your measurements are always reliable.

Efficient Program Design:

  • Seamless CAD Integration: Import nominal values from 3D CAD models or reference part measurements for a streamlined setup.
  • Advanced Profile Evaluation: Utilise sophisticated fit strategies for comprehensive evaluation.
  • Conclusive Data Visualisation: Colored data point indicators offer a clear and easy interpretation of measurement outcomes.

Report Automation:

  • Automatically record data and print an inspection report.
  • Automatically export measurement results and data.

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