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Fast and accurate high volume packaging measurement and inspection. 

Our systems are designed for the packaging industry to quickly and easily measure high volumes of products.

Challenges the packaging industry faces

With high volumes of packaging products being measured, we ensure this is as fast and easy as possible.

Whether you need to test the tightness of a cap, the roundness of a can or the defects in a bottle, we have a metrology solution for you.

As well as our high precision automated measurement systems, we are able to create bespoke systems for force measurements, and fixtures for multiple components, to be measured accurately at one time. Our digitalised results and reporting give strong traceability for the whole supply chain.

Case Studies

The Challenge Measuring spools for hydraulics and actuators by hand takes 15 minutes need a...

Packaging Product Range

Packaging Product Range

Affordable, high accuracy, fast measurement. Illumination for measurement of otherwise hard-to-measure shiny parts simple, optional UKAS calibration.

Measuring instruments for force and torque applications in the industrial and research markets.

3D optical profilers for high-end surface measurement to the nanometer.

Fully automated real-time data collection software to eliminate waste and add huge value to any business. 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant.

A complete range of shop floor handheld precision measuring instruments.

Reporting with multiple reporting for different industry standards.

  • Bottles
  • Cans 
  • Vacuum moulded parts
  • Containers
  • Caps, Taps and seals
  • Production templates

“The time taken to measure a part was reduced from 15 mins to 4mins per can. The support has been excellent and the staff are always helpful when I ring up.”

Can and other Packaging manufacturer, UK.

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