Metrology for space and satellites

Metrology systems to ensure satellites and other space exploration technologies are ready for launch and orbit

Once deployed, there is little opportunity for human intervention for maintenance or repair, so quality is paramount in satellite manufacturing.

By investing in the best combination of measuring systems and software, manufacturers can increase production speed while ensuring quality and accuracy.

Space and satellite technology

The space satellite industry has traditionally been difficult to enter. It has predominantly consisted of large businesses and academic facilities carrying out large-scale, expensive research projects.

Today, there is a growing market for small, lower cost satellites for data collection and communication projects. This has created new opportunities for manufacturers to introduce commercialised production of satellite components.

Metrology challenges in space exploration technology

Once deployed, there is little opportunity for human intervention for maintenance or repair, so quality is paramount. While on the ground manufacturers should incorporate more thorough quality control processes to improve the probability that the satellite will operate efficiently once in space.

Space satellites must also withstand the harsh conditions of a launch and tough environments once in orbit. Any minor faults, such as components that are not fastened properly or are not manufactured to exact specifications, will be amplified by the force of the launch preventing the satellite from working once in orbit. Accuracy is vital to ensure that these issues do not occur. Extensive testing in thermal chambers enables designers to replicate the space environment and understand how temperature will impact operations.

By investing in the right equipment quality control equipment, manufacturers can more confidently produce components for space satellite applications.

Space & Satellites Metrology Range

Space & Satellites Metrology Range

Affordable, high accuracy, fast measurement. Illumination for measurement of otherwise hard-to-measure shiny parts simple, optional UKAS calibration.

Robust, shop floor optical shaft metrology at its simplest, fastest and most accurate.

Portable, lightweight articulated laser and tactile measuring arms with up to 7 axes.

Handheld 3D topography measurement system including scratch defect inspection.

A quality management system with a quick ROI, designed by engineers for engineers. Auto-ballooning GD&T drawings & auto-generating reports inc. FAIR, PPAP and ISIRS.

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