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Novacam Bore Inspection

Fast, high precision 3D optical bore inspection with long rotating probes.

Key Information

Min Diameter Bore
Speed of Measurement
100,000 3D points/second


Novacam’s BoreInspect™ dynamic bore measurement system provides 3D measurements of bore interiors and less accessible spaces. Measure bores, turbine blades, engine blocks, barrels, and many more parts with a rotational small-diameter probe.

  • The system generates 3 data sets from the same scan simultaneously 
  • An API is available for system integrators and OEMs

The BoreInspect™ system comes with Novacam’s intelligent data acquisition software, which is Windows®-based and operator-friendly when programming.



Novacam’s TubeInspect™ is a fiber based system consisting of an optical side-looking probe, microcam interferometer, inspection station, PC, motion controllers and additional extras. The TubeInspect™ is suited for use with non-contact 3D metrology of tube ID and OD.

  • Adaptable to hostile environments: radioactive, very hot, cryogenic, vacuum

TubeInspect™ comes with Novacam’s highly accurate data acquisition software, which is Windows®-based, and operator-friendly when programming.

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Defence
  • Machining and metal work
  • Energy – nuclear , oil & gas , power generation
  • Medical
  • Plastics

Ideal for:

  • Hydraulic Spools and bores
  • Rivet hole and
  • countersink inspection
  • Carbon Fibre machining analysis
  • Blisks and fir tree root measurement
  • Blade and aerofoil form measurement
  • Maintenance and repair analysis
  • Hard to reach areas

3-dimensional geometry (GD&T) inside:

  • tubes
  • bores
  • barrels
  • dies
  • between blades
  • valve housings, long bore, fuel nozzles, landing gear bogies, jet engine ‘fir trees’, exhaust turbines, silicone discs
  • Semi conductors
  • Glass and plastic components

Product Variants

TubeInspect for high-precision tube ID and OD metrology.

TubeInspect is a modular, non-contact optical measurement system that provides micron-precision 3D measurements of tube, cylinder or barrel interiors and exteriors. Its small-diameter side-looking probe reaches inside tubes to acquire their complete inside geometry.

  • Can measure every dimensional detail of tube inside diameter (ID) and outside diameter (OD), including undercuts, chamfers, threads, rifling, O-ring grooves, splines, lands, and edge breaks.
  • Enables fully configurable automated inspection.
  • Can measure dimensional or surface defects such as porosities, cracks, and scratches.
  • Can measure dimensions, roughness as well as thickness of semi-transparent coatings.


Optical 3D Profilometer for non-contact 3D surface and thickness measurements

Novacam fiber-based optical 3D profilometer provides:

Micron-precision 3D measurement methods:

    • Dimensional geometry – GD&T parameters.
    • Roughness measurement.
    • Defect detection – cracks, scratches.
    • Thickness measurement of semi-transparent materials.
  • Option to scan even hard-to-reach surfaces: Side-looking probe scans inside bore IDs and other tight spaces, forward-looking probe is also available.
  • Fiber-based probes that are easy to integrate with precision stages, third-party CMMs, CNC machines, or robots to support high-volume continuous flow manufacturing.
  • Fully configurable automated inspection: Notably the same probe can be used to measure dimensions, roughness, defects, and/or thickness.

3D CAD Software: Polyworks

Compatible with any manufacturing industry 3D CAD software such as Polyworks, Geomagic and more.

  • We can supply the software, or you can.
  • We can help you with uploading your CAD designs.
  • We can get you started with one simple training session that shows you all that’s needed to get the best from your measurement system.

Our partner, Novacam Technologies Inc. is a leading manufacturer of optical non-contact metrology systems for various applications across high-precision industries, including aerospace, automotive and medical.

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