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Sub-Contract Measurement

Sempre is here to make sure you know everything you need to about your parts.

Our metrology experts are waiting to assist you whenever you need us. We can carry out all the measurements you need, with full inspection reports.

Contract MeasurementContract Measurement
contract measuring opticlinecontract measuring opticline
part measurementpart measurement


We provide quality control across a range of manufacturing industries and our in house expert team find the best measurement solution for your parts.

With our contract measurement services, we help you to make decisions that will improve your processes. From a quick check on a handful of parts to a full PPAP/FAIR and everything in between, we enable you to leave with a full understanding of any issue.

Consider us your go-to for dimensional checking inspection services.

  • We can handle any quantity of components, from single components for FAIRs, to full production batch sizes.
  • Rapid turn around
  • Comprehensive service including drawing ballooning service & measurement data reports (inc. PPAP dimensionals, FAIRs, ISIRs)
  • Wide range of metrology systems – for dimensional, roughness and contour measurement
  • Advice and consultation on the measurement results.



EVO X Articulated Measuring Arm With Laser and Touch probe

Why use our contract measurement service?

  • Low cost: We help to install robot-loaded measurement which enables you to measure high volumes of parts for a low cost.
  • Tailored service: We work around you to extract the data most valuable to you.
  • Specialised knowledge: We have subject matter experts to help interpret measurement results and enact the changes you want to see in your measuring processes.
  • Our vast range of measuring machines allows us to utilise multiple systems for different measurement characteristics.


Aerospace: From scanning aeroplane wings to measuring microscopic cracks and micron tolerance fittings.

Automotive: Crankshafts, pistons, engine blocks, chassis, wheel arches, cable lines. We can measure anything you need us to.

Medical: Bone screws, catheters, hip joints, implants, drills. We handle all kinds of requests.

We cover:

  • Dimensional measurement.
  • Optical measuring with non-contact systems
  • Surface roughness and texture.
  • 2D and 3D scanning with point clouds.
  • Scratch and flaw measurements.
  • Tailored consultation process.
  • ISO17025 Traceable result.
part measurement






Medical Devices

Medical Devices





Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal

Precision Engineering

Precision Engineering


Medical Devices

Advanced and Cost-Effective 3D Measurement Services

At The Sempre Group, we offer a myriad of 3D measurement services developed with your industry in mind. Our comprehensive range of systems allows us to measure any GD&T characteristic for any size, shape, or quantity of components.

Contact us today to find out more about our sub-contract metrology services and how Sempre can support your organisation.

At The Sempre Group, we can measure all GD&T characteristics.

Form Testing

Our roundness and form testers measure the geometric form of your part – roundness, runout, perpendicularity, all with intuitive graphical outputs.

Roughness & Contour Measurement

Our automated roughness and contour systems can provide graphical dimensional and geometrical data with resolutions down to the nanometer.

High Resolution 3D Topography

We can measure the surface topography and create 3D point clouds of small parts with nanometer resolution, colour mapping and dimensional measurements.

2D Instant Scanning

Fast full 2D measurement of multiple parts at a time including orings, laminations and fabricated sheet metal as well as reverse engineering to 2D formats.

Full 3D Scanning

We have a range of 3D scanning systems including CMMs and articulated arms to generate a full 3D map of your component, comparison with CAD, dimensions and geometrical measurements as well as reverse engineering options.

Non-Contact Dimensional Measurement

Many of our systems offer non contact measurement from optical shaft measurement to optical CMMs for rapid measurement and fast turnaround with accuracies from 1 micron.

Auto-Ballooning Of GD&T Drawings 

As part of a contract measurement service, we can offer auto-ballooning of GD&T drawings as well as full reporting. Also available as a stand-alone service.

Helping you maintain quality processes in uncertain times. The team at Sempre are on hand to assist you through employee shortages and access limitations.

  • Send us your parts and we can provide measurements across multiple measurement machines
  • Get technical metrology support, wherever you are
  • Bespoke reporting with a fast turn around at competitive prices

The Sempre Group’s contract metrology and inspection services help organisations bridge the gap between customer expectation and product delivery by reducing the limitations of on-site inspections and ensuring the high quality performance of metrology equipment. 

  • First-class inspection services carried out in-house by our diligent team
  • Contract metrology services delivered by industry leaders
  • Measurement solutions that enable you to work smarter by testing products before manufacturing commences 

Request Sub-Contract Metrology services from our valued team of qualified engineers, get in touch with us today to get started. 

Since 2000, The Sempre Group has provided industry favoured metrology solutions to organisations across the UK and Ireland.

Sempre offers performance driven metrology solutions to organisations like your own, get in touch with us today and find out more about our inspection services.

Let us know what you need help to measure or report on.

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