Technical Support Training

Helping you get the most from your metrology system.

Here to help you get the most from your system, our trainers are highly-skilled metrology engineers with a wealth of experience across many sectors and manufacturing industries.


Every system and software package we sell comes with calibration services and an initial training course. In subsequent years, as technologies improve and companies develop, ensure your team have knowledge and skills that remain up-to-date with one of our further training courses. 

Expand capability, up-skill your team and encourage focus on the quality control and integrity of your parts by investing in your team with practical, hands-on training tailored to your products and your industry. 

We have different levels of training designed to suit your level of experience and role.

These include:

  • operator beginner
  • operator intermediate
  • operator advanced
  • system maintenance

All of our training offers are tailored to your company and your components, but if required we can also provide fully bespoke training for your specific training gaps.

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Training Measurement

Invest in your team with hands-on practical training.

  • Keep operators up-to-date with new techniques and capabilities.
  • Troubleshoot measurement issues.
  • System or software training.
  • Basic, advanced or bespoke courses.
  • 2 or 3-day courses.
  • Available on-site at your facility or at our technology centre in Gloucester.


Our aim is to make sure that you and your team are equipped with the best knowledge and experience with our metrology systems and software to enable independent operation, programming that is effective and confidence to ensure the most efficient and useful results for your parts.

We provide technical support and training for all our metrology systems and software including:

As well as our quality and SPC software.

service agreements

Product Range

Product Range

Quality management and supply chain solutions enabling manufacturers of all sizes to automate their quality processes and extend it to their supply chain.
From regular gauge calibration to on-site repairs and upgrades, our service team have the skills to support the maintenance and efficiency of your systems whenever and wherever you need them, in any manufacturing industry.
Non-contact measurement improves repeatability while reducing measurement time. A great option for parts affected by tactile probing, or components on which probing alternatives are too time-consuming. 1000s of points taken in a single second.
Optical coordinate measuring machines save you from production bottlenecks; our CMMs quickly measure both internal and external dimensions of any size. 1000s of points are taken at once with the optical scan while tactile probing can inspect hard to reach bores. After scanning, the results of both are sewn together in one software.
One supplier for all of your measuring instruments. Form, weight, surface finish, force and temperature. No matter what you need to measure, we have the solution.
For all your bespoke gauging needs.



Automotive industry

Automotive industry Measurement of turbochargers, engine valves, pistons, camshafts and crank shafts, gear shafts and drive shafts.

Medical technology

Medical technology Measure implants, bone screws and rotating instruments.

Software Options

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