Sheet Metal

Highly-precise and fast metrology for the sheet metal industry.

Making sheet metal measurement fast, easy and accurate no matter whether it’s punched, fabricated or cut to size. 

Challenges the industry faces

measuring gaskets

Cut down on scrap and speed up the measurement of sheet metal with our measurement systems that can quickly correct machines and inspect multiple parts.

Measure weld lines and edge shape, check fold accuracy in minutes and check for damage and defects – our systems can do it all in seconds.

Case Studies

The Challenge Measuring spools for hydraulics and actuators by hand takes 15 minutes need a...

Sheet Metal Product Range

2D Field Of View (FOV) Scanning.

The only premium manufacturer of CMM’s in the UK – Manufactured in Derby. Bridge type and gantry CMMs with options for tactile probing and laser scanning

Affordable, high accuracy, fast measurement. Illumination for measurement of otherwise hard-to-measure shiny parts simple, optional UKAS calibration.

Portable, lightweight articulated laser and tactile measuring arms with up to 7 axes.

State of the art surface roughness and contour systems.

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