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Multi-Sensing CMMs

Multi-sensing CMMs that measure at speed within production processes. With optical, laser, tactile, probing and rotary sensor options.

Optical coordinate measuring machines save you from production bottlenecks; our CMMs quickly measure both internal and external dimensions of any size. Multi-sensing CMMs take 1000s of points at once with the optical scan while tactile probing can inspect hard to reach bores. After scanning, the results of both are sewn together in one software.

Affordable, high accuracy, fast measurement. Illumination for measurement of otherwise hard-to-measure shiny parts simple, optional UKAS calibration.

The only premium manufacturer of CMM’s in the UK – Manufactured in Derby. Bridge type and gantry CMMs with options for tactile probing and laser scanning

The Sempre Group provide shop floor coordinate measuring machines that improve efficiency by connecting your metrology with manufacturing, allowing you the freedom to automate processes and analyse data with full reporting. High precision, robust measurement systems bringing quality onto the shop floor. Accurate measurements in seconds.

  • Crystal clear: High quality optics for light intensive and sharp 3D images
  • Accurate: Advanced CMM measuring machine with high precision
  • Large measurement range: Minimizes focus adjustment and measurement errors
  • Portable: Our portable CMM machines are easily accessible and safe to transport 
  • Fast: Speed up the decision process with instant reporting
  • Automated CMM Software: Increase your productivity by automating the inspection process
  • Reliable: Shop with confidence, our CMM measurement brands have been serving the industry for over 80 years combined

Coordinate measuring systems help manufacturers reduce the time it takes to measure coordinates. The systems are designed to capture thousands of points in seconds.

CMM systems deliver precise measurements without making direct contact with the product, this is a highly useful feature when measuring the surfaces of easily damageable resources.

CMMs can also be used to measure larger objects, such as vehicle chassis. 


Micro-Vu manufactures automated 3D dimension measuring machines. These machines use 3D software, image processing, precision machines and motion control, lasers, tactile probes and 3D sensors to measure mechanical dimensions on various parts to accuracies of a micron.

Why choose Micro-Vu?

Micro-Vu CMM systems are great for use with objects that have shiny surfaces and environments with differing lighting.

LK Metrology

LK Metrology manufactures high-precision CMM measurement machines. LK metrology is a pioneer in the manufacture of CMMs with many industry firsts including,

  • Manufactured the first Bridge Type CMM
  • First OEM to integrate a computer with a coordinate measuring machine

Why choose LK Metrology?

LK Metrology multi-sensing CMM systems are equipped with intuitive software features to facilitate complex inspection tasks and boost productivity.

“We are now, after only 2 days training, able to not only write programs but have a better understanding of all the variables involved in using the Micro-Vu optical CMM.”

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