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Machine Tending Solutions

Maximise production and fully utilise your workforce with more valuable tasks, leave the robots to do the repetitive work.

Automate your machine tools. Using collaborative robotics can make the implementation fast and simple.

Our standard platforms provide a transparent and clear understanding from the start of the query. 

Sempre Smart Tender - Standard Solutions

Our standard machine tending platform is a shelf-to-shop-floor solution to get you set up rapidly. Our expert team will help you set up the system, program the interface and have you up and running in as little as 3 days. 

What’s included:

– Consultation and validation process by our in-house team of engineers.

– Universal Robot UR5e/UR10e

– Robotiq Collaborative Gripper

– Pneumatic Cleaning Nozzle

– Mobile Machine Tending Station 

– Adaptive Pin board

– Part Sensing


– Dual Gripping Solutions to increase machine uptime.

– Smart WiFi ANDON Lights for instant production status feedback

– Automated work holding vices.

– Kinematic Mounts allowing instant mobile set-ups

Sempre Smart Tender - In-line Quality Inspection

Sempre Smart Tender - In line Quality Inspection

Our standard solutions allow for automated, in line quality inspection straight off the machine. Using our Sempre connect interface kit, set up is simple, and effective. Sempre will support all integration, programming and set up of the inspection.

What’s included:

  • Sempre Smart Tender system
  • Sempre Connect Interface Kit
  • Micro-Vu Multi-Sensing CMM, Opticline Shaft Measurement, or Oasis Instant measurement. 

Sempre Smart Production - Bespoke solutions

Need a higher throughput? Looking for some more complex routines? We can use our current platforms to design and build a system configured for your needs.

bespoke machine tending

Sempre Smart Tender - In-line Quality Inspection

Sempre Smart Tender - In line Quality Inspection

Cobot loading VMM

Every automation process has its own unique qualities, so we work with you to ensure a solution works for you and your company. 

Our in-house team of engineers will work with you to provide specific information on throughput, cycle times, integration, and installation for your needs.


  1. Initial query
  2. Consultation and verification of solution requirements
  3. Provision of scope of work and quotation
  4. Design qualification 
  5. Build and assembly
  6. Pre-acceptance tests
  7. On-site installation, commissioning, and training. 

See it in action

An example of a machine tending solution we have implemented. 

Here we showcase a simple and quick automated machining cell using a collaborative robot. The system took 3 hours to set up and ran 1000 parts automatically, saving 52 hours of operator time. 

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