Opticline Shaft Measurement

Compact Systems for Rapid Measurements on Small Shafts

The compact shaft measurement systems in the opticline C range offer you a fast, flexible quality assurance process for your workpieces. The HOMMEL ETAMIC opticline models in the C200 and C300 range have been specially designed for measurements within the production environment on small and medium-sized workpieces with lengths of up to 300 mm.

Opticline Opticline Shaft Measurement Machine
Optical Shaft Measurement
Light Measurement
Optical Shaft Measurement System

System highlights

  • SPC measuring station for operator-controlled inspection, enabling fast measurement and comprehensive documentation of product quality
  • Device variants available with a closed housing and manual or automatic doors for easy, rapid loading and unloading
  • Extensive clamping equipment range for a flexible approach to measuring varying workpieces, including project-specific solutions
  • HOMMEL-ETAMIC opticline C203 for particularly cost-efficient measurement of small workpieces

With the HOMMEL-ETAMIC opticline, you can further optimize the quality of your products as well as the cost-effectiveness of your production processes:

  • Thanks to fast measurement of a wide range of testing parameters in a matter of seconds
  • Thanks to the increased flexibility offered by a non-contact measurement procedure
  • Thanks to a fast, easy test plan creation process
  • Thanks to the operator-independent measurements within the production environment
  • Thanks to the practical quality management system with rapid results display and archiving in a matter of seconds

HOMMEL-ETAMIC – 25 Years of International Project Experience That Really Counts

High level of flexibility

  • Rapid workpiece changes
  • Non-contact, wear-free measurements
  • Reduction of machine idle times
  • Adaptation of production processes before tolerance limits are reached
  • Specially developed for measuring in the production environment

Error-free operator-controlled inspection

  • Measurements in a matter of seconds
  • Fast and easy program changes
  • Results cannot be influenced by the operator
  • Monitoring of several production systems at the same time
  • Ergonomic display
  • Easy operation
    Very little training required
    Wide range of help functions, software tools and evaluation options

Easy evaluation and reporting

  • Assurance of product quality
  • Automatic storage of results (for statistics)
  • Reduction of rejects and material consumption
  • Extremely flexible report editor

Better measurements…

… at a greater speed

OPTICLINE solutions scan the workpiece to be measured opto-electronically and fully automatically in accordance with the shadow image principle. The complete workpiece contour is analyzed quickly and highly precisely thanks to the high measuring resolution per measured value.

… more efficiently

OPTICLINE solutions are the result of our decades of experience and extensive expertise in optical non-contact shaft measuring technology. Thanks to this knowledge, we can offer you sophisticated technology for both operator-controlled and fully automatic use in complete inspections.

… with versatility

OPTICLINE solutions offer you a comprehensive selection of measurement functions and evaluation options. The results can be recorded statically, positioned according to the rotation angle or dynamically, and combined with automatic measurement processes that suit your requirements.

… with reliability

Thanks to their insensitivity, precision and performance, our OPTICLINE solutions have been impressing a broad range of users worldwide for many years. Our 25 years of experience and the vast number of Jenoptik systems installed are testament to the success of the OPTICLINE range.

… with precision

OPTICLINE solutions comprise high-resolution CCD line sensors, semi-conductor LED light sources and telecentric optics of the highest quality, coordinated to work perfectly with the entire system. Sophisticated electronics and software ensure optimum processing of measurement data. Extensive adjustment and testing steps during assembly and commissioning enable consistent, exceptionally high levels of quality and precision for the camera system.

Maximum Flexibility for Workpieces and Measuring Tasks

Every product in the Jenoptik OPTICLINE range gives you numerous application and evaluation options:

The following applications have been implemented and proven successful worldwide:

  • Turned and precision turned parts
  • Shafts from the automotive industry
  • Blanks and pressed parts in metal processing
  • Filigree workpieces used in medical technology
  • Jets and injection technology
  • Bearings
  • Turbo-chargers
  • Electric motor components
  • and many more…

Dimensional measurements

• Length
• Diameter
• Radius
• Angle

Thread measurements

• Dimensions
• Form

Profile forms

• Free forms
• Tolerance range
• Cam forms

Form measurement

• Straightness
• Roundness
• Cylindricity

Position measurement

• Radial run-out
• Axial run-out
• Straightness
• Symmetry
• Parallelism
• Concentricity
• Coaxiality

Customer Case Studies

Measuring valves, spools and bolts using the Jenoptik Opticline.

HOMMEL-ETAMIC Opticline C Series

The SPC measuring stations of the HOMMEL OPTICLINE product group are designed specifically for optimum ease of operation for worker self-inspection in the production environment.

SPC measuring stations can be used via differentintegrated interfaces for the Statistical Process Control (SPC).
The production process can therefore be monitored very efficiently and influenced very close to real time by the fast result feedback.

New Opticline Non Contact Measurement System


Rapid and precise - quality assurance directly in the production process

New Opticline Non Contact Measurement System


Fast, Flexible, Accurate and Robust
Opticline C1000 Non Contact Measurement

HOMMEL-ETAMIC Opticline C1000 Series

User-independent measurement of large shafts

Opticline WMS Non Contact Measurement

HOMMEL-ETAMIC Opticline WMS Series

Precision for particularly large and heavy workpieces


VMS series for engine valves


The measurement systems of the opticline CA, VMS, AMV and WMS series are designed specifically for optional use in automated processes. Consistent improvements to the innovative measuring system with regard to the specific demands in automation enable the systems to deliver outstanding reliability and precision during continuous use in tough production environments.

Ideal for concatenated use in production lines

Split-second measuring cycles coupled with intelligent hardware and software interfaces enable the seamless integration of these measuring systems in automated production processes and flexible manufacturing environments.

Tailored to your production processes

  • Various features and designs depending on requirements (for instance lying horizontally, hanging or vertically)
  • Fully automated use in post-processing or 100 % control in production lines
  • Various interfaces for integration in production lines and handling systems: from inexpensive digital I/O lines to PLC and Profibus for implementing complex process integration
  • Special software functions for automation and optional solutions for correction value control
Hommel-Etamic Opticline CA Automated Systems


Production-integrated, automatic measurement

Hommel-Etamic Opticline AMV Automated Systems


For concatenated post-process work sequence measurement

Opticline WMS Non Contact Measurement


The solution for large shafts

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