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Navigating the Challenges of Quality Control in Aerospace Manufacturing.

Written by:

Sean Redfearn

Quality managers play a crucial role in achieving excellence in aerospace manufacturing. They are responsible for demonstrating components meet stringent compliance standards and have a deep understanding of the importance of metrology in maintaining high-quality standards. 

However, when it comes to finding new solutions to continuously improve quality, we understand it can be overwhelming at first.

Concerns about switching technology costs, integration and budget constraints can create a fear of disruption and uncertainty when considering a change.

Also, approving and accrediting a process can be time consuming and the new solution has to outweigh the costs and efforts.

It is crucial to recognise that there is a risk associated for aerospace manufacturers with switching from a process which is already approved and works.

Although it is important to take time to implement new measurement technologies properly, investing in a new metrology solution or changing the current process can present substantial long-term benefits for the business, and the process doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it may seem. 

In fact, it can unlock numerous advantages, including improved efficiency, accuracy, and productivity across various departments.

Implementing the latest metrology solutions empowers businesses with;

  • Enhanced data analysis capabilities
  • Improved reproducibility and repeatability rates
  • Streamline workflows. 
  • Enhanced process efficiency.

These advancements reduce the time spent on manual inspections and greatly enhance process efficiency. 

While the initial investment and transition may incur costs, there are potential gains in;

  • Enhanced product quality 
  • The reduced amount of  scrap rates
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved compliance 

All of which quickly outweigh the cost and time spent switching solutions.


How to maximise the value of advanced metrology

Advanced metrology solutions play a pivotal role in helping the aerospace industry achieve unparalleled levels of quality assurance. In an industry where precision, accuracy, and compliance are paramount, these solutions offer a transformative advantage. The complexity and high compliance standards of aerospace manufacturing demand expert measurement techniques that go beyond manual inspection methods.

The decision to adopt new metrology solutions should not be solely driven by fear or concerns over disruption and costs. Instead, manufacturers should focus on the long-term benefits that arise from embracing advanced technologies and innovative approaches. Doing this can position the businesses for success, achieving higher levels of quality excellence, and gaining a competitive edge in the aerospace industry.

As a leading metrology company, our deep understanding extends to the various metrics used to evaluate quality managers and manufacturing businesses. These metrics encompass defect rates, compliance assurance, process efficiency, expenditure on quality, and levels of scrap/rework.

However, in addition to these metrics, it is important to acknowledge the importance of adhering to industry compliance regulations. For instance, in the aerospace industry compliance with stringent regulations such as AS 9100, AS9110, and AS 9120 is essential. Similarly, in the medical field, adherence to rigorous regulations like ISO 13485 is an absolute imperative that cannot be compromised.

The key to meeting these industry regulations lies in the careful selection of equipment, tools, and metrology solutions at your disposal. The contrast between spending a mere five minutes and struggling through five laborious hours to ensure compliance becomes evident.

The pursuit of quality can be effortless as simple as a click of a button on an automated metrology machine,  or as time-consuming as a manual measuring hand tool, that requires you inputting data from that dreaded spreadsheet. 

Equip your team with state-of-the-art metrology solutions that empower you to achieve compliance effortlessly, boost process efficiency, and elevate product quality.

Do not settle for the limitations of the past, it’s time to make things easier and more efficient when it comes to quality control. 

Addressing Your Key Metrology Quality Concerns

In our extensive interactions with quality managers from the aerospace and other manufacturing industries, there are a number of questions that we can provide answers to.

Today, we aim to shed light on these questions, ensuring that aerospace manufacturers embark on their journey armed with knowledge and confidence.

1. What are the specific quality inspection tasks or processes that can be automated?

We can help you identify the inspection activities and your current systems that lend themselves to automation. These may include drawing ballooning, inspection plan creation, measurement, data collection, and reporting.

2. What are the advantages of automation over manual inspection? 

From improved accuracy and increased inspection speed to reduced human error, enhanced data analysis capabilities, and the ability to handle large volumes of inspections consistently.. We work with your long-term goals and provide metrology solutions that align with these.

3. What is the return on investment of automation?

We can discuss with you the cost of implementing automated inspection systems, potential cost savings from increased efficiency and reduced rework, and the projected payback period for the investment.

4. What solutions are available? 

We’re able to offer systems fit for purpose from a range of manufacturers at the forefront of measurement technology. Our vast range allows us to have an impartial approach to solving your specific measurement challenge. Whether it is dimensional, profile, or defect measurement we use our expertise to find you a technically appropriate system with a range of contact and non-contact systems such as multi-sensing cmms, handheld topography units through nanoscale optical profiling, and CT scanners. As well as metrology systems we offer a range of software solutions to improve efficiencies across the entire quality process. 

5. How complex is the implementation process?

We have a dedicated team of engineers who can talk to you about integration with existing equipment, software compatibility, training requirements for operators, and any potential disruptions to ongoing production.

6. What are the system validation and calibration requirements? 

Most metrology systems require  annual calibration and service to keep them performing to their optimum capacity. This also ensures the longevity of the system’s. Our team of experienced service engineers are on hand for calibration and any queries you have throughout your systems lifetime. We currently have systems still performing 20 years after installation, thanks to the robust integrity of our machines and the regular servicing from our team.

7. What is the impact on the workforce?

Quality managers often struggle to demonstrate that introducing automation doesn’t mean loss of jobs to the quality team. More so, the team can be utilised for more value added tasks that have more of an impact to overall quality.

By posing these critical questions, quality managers equip themselves with the necessary information to make informed decisions about automating their inspection processes. It allows them to select the most suitable solutions that align with their specific needs

How The Sempre Group can help improve your quality inspection process.

With over 20 years of innovation as connected metrology experts, transforming and supporting company’s production, compliance, and quality process. We strategically help to impact your operational success.We offer consultative measurement advice backed by expert knowledge and a large portfolio of different measurement technologies to suit any challenge.

We lead, collaborate and innovate, creating a unique solution tailored to each client.

It’s never the same old solution, it’s your solution. We forge new partnerships and explore new technologies to ensure you have the best options available to drive your productivity, efficiency, and quality assurance. 

Speak to our expert team today

Having trouble measuring difficult characteristics, dealing with quality bottlenecks, or demonstrating compliance?

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We’ll give you expert advice on the right precision systems for your application, software to streamline your quality process from drawing to report, plus we’ll support you with sub-contract measurement and calibration services.

Let us solve your measuring challenges.

In this article, we will cover:

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