InspecVision Planar

2D Field Of View (FOV) Scanning

Planar 2D Field of view measurementPlanar 2D Field of view measurement
measuring oringsmeasuring orings
measuring laminationsmeasuring laminations
measuring gasketsmeasuring gaskets


Low cost, single-click, single-second FOV 2D measurement of multiple parts with multiple dimensional characteristics.

Accuracy starting from 12microns (varies between model sizes)

2D automated scanning systems provide reliable, traceable results of multiple dimensions of multiple parts in seconds, without the need for hand tools, operators or manual input, to reduce errors on the shop floor. Linking with CAD models, we can also overlay colour mapping to visually display components in and out of tolerance.

Key Information

Max Component Size


Measurement Time

3000x1220x350mm or 2355x1570x350mm

12 microns

40 million measurements in 0.1 seconds