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Automated, high precision measurement solutions and support for the manufacturing industry.

The full range of metrology systems for use in high precision environments suitable for both Quality laboratories and shop floor use. This range includes: CMMs, Measuring Arms, Optical shaft measurement, Optical CMMs, Surface finish, 2D and 3D scanning systems.

Metrology and Inspection Software for automating processes, data collection and reporting from multiple systems.

SPC and quality software for use in manufacturing industries. Software options include: large data collection, auto ballooning of GD&T drawings, data analysis and reporting from any measuring systems.

Metrology expertise and support for all systems as well as contract services including measurement and fixture design.

Our service team are here to calibrate and service your metrology systems. Our engineering team are able to work with you in finding new solutions to sometimes very complex measurement problems. They are always keen for a challenge. We are able to provide both on and offsite support and training for all of our metrology systems.

Standard and bespoke hand held tools and bench top solutions for precision measurement.

This range includes all of our hand operated metrology apparatus for workshop environment such as: micrometers, verniers, height gauges, hand held surface finish testers, thread and plug gauges and force gauges. We also offer bespoke measurement apparatus to fit your requirements.

Lean factory equipment for implementing lean or continuous improvement strategies on the shop floor.

This vast range provides choice of multiple sizes, colours and add-ons allowing you to fully customise your workspace while keeping continuity throughout the factory. The range includes ergonomic workstations, Kanban and flow systems as well as visual indicators and signage such as floor markings.

Looking for Metrology Direct? We changed company name in June 2018.

We have recognised the change in demands from our customers and endeavour to provide products and services appropriate for the demands of the future. This will include the current range of world class products such as Jenoptik, Micro-Vu, InspecVision and Innovalia but will also encompass associated services such as machine integration, automation, design and development and Lean Enterprise efficiency products. The company name of Metrology Direct no longer covers all of the current products and services on offer nor with our plan to increase our offering in future.

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