Increasing productivity in manufacturing industries with integrated metrology and inspection management solutions.
We provide solutions with these products:

Automated, high precision measurement systems increase productivity, save time and reduce scrap. They improve the traceability of quality process and adherence to industrial standards. Invest in metrology with a rapid ROI.

Quality management and supply chain solutions enabling manufacturers of all sizes to automate their quality processes and extend it to their supply chain.

One supplier for all of your measuring instruments. Form, weight, finish, force and temperature, no matter what you need to measure we have the solution.

With their decades of combined experience in aerospace design, mechanical engineering, automotive engineering and quality, our team of engineers have the expertise to help with all your measurement, design, programming and automation needs.

From regular gauge calibration to on-site repairs and upgrades, our service team have the skills to support the maintenance and efficiency of your systems whenever and wherever you need them, in any manufacturing industry.

Develop an efficient, productive shop floor by implementing lean strategies with our one-stop online shop.

We solve your measuring challenges in industries like these:

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Download or Request a Catalogue

Download or Request a Catalogue

The latest catalogue from Sempre is complete with a wide range of measurement instruments that improve production processes and quality control, increase productivity, reduce scrap and demonstrate compliance with manufacturing industry standards.

100% of your project measured 100% of the time | We can measure anything you need us to.