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Sensofar S neox Five Axis

Sensofar S neox Five Axis

Used for precise measurement in quality inspection laboratories as well as on manufacturing shop floors.

  • Medical devices (eg. bone screws).
  • Medical implants (eg. dental implants).
  • Tooling  (eg. drill tools, watch tools and cutting edge tools).
  • Additive manufacturing (eg. surface roughness).
  • Tribology and corrosion (eg. wear).
  • Packaging (eg. integrated circuit packaging and tablet shapes for packaging).
  • Archaeology (eg. tool marks).
  • Implants.
  • Tooling.
  • Shiny mirror-like surfaces.
  • High advance inspection machine pcb mnf businesses.
  • Defects on pills.
  • Bullet analysis
  • Forensics

Product Variants

  • S neox: A 3D profiling capable of measuring to the nanometer with four optical technologies. It also has the ability to measure smooth and shiny surfaces.
  • S wide: A large-area 3D optical surface metrology system.
  • S lynx: A compact 3D surface profiler.

SensoPRO Software – Rapid Quality Control 

  • Stitch adjoining surfaces: measure angles greater than 90º.
  • Create a recipe: then the system will do all the analysis for you.
  • Easy to use – follow guided instructions to get a pass/fail report.
  • Plug-in-based data analysis algorithms provide a high degree of flexibility.
  • Tailor-made solutions for every application e.g. Consumer electronics, Medical & Tooling

The Sensofar range is also compatible with any manufacturing industry 3D CAD software, such as Polyworks, Geomagic and more.

  • We can supply the software, or you can.
  • We can help you with uploading your CAD designs.
  • We can get you started with one simple training session that shows you all that’s needed to get the best from your system.

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