Universal Cobots

Redirect your resources, enhance your productivity with our collaborative robots.

Cobot fed vision systemCobot fed vision system
cobot robot fed optical cmm automatedcobot robot fed optical cmm automated
cobot softwarecobot software
automation loading of optical shaft measurementautomation loading of optical shaft measurement


Cobots, or collaborative robots, help you to leverage skills and resources in the most effective way to boost your efficiency and profit margins.

Implementing cobots can be a daunting prospect, but here at Sempre we help to guide you on your journey to automation success. Simplicity first and complexity afterwards, that’s our mantra, and it’s how we’ll help you to find the right amount of automation for your company and implement robotics systems that work with you.

  • Machine Tending: Lights out manufacture.
  • Pick and place: Redirect your resources.
  • Vision Inspection: Repeatable, accurate.
  • Quality Control and Inspection: Automate your reputation.
  • Finishing: Cutting down your workload.

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