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Opticline Optical Shaft Measurement – Measuring Spools For Perfect Bore

The Challenge

  • Measuring spools for hydraulics and actuators by hand takes 15 minutes need a quicker process.
  • Needs to be of high accuracy to meet their customer standards.
  • Data was recorded by hand then typed up afterwards.
  • Used shadowgraphs and hand tools to make measurements of spools and operator had to work machine then measure a part separately afterwards delaying machining process.
  • No capacity to measure turbo rotors and shafts that they have machined, had to pay for external contract measurement on a CMM.
  • Looked at CMMs but too large and expensive and not specific for application.
  • Previously using shadow graph, micrometers and verniers amongst other hand tools for measurement, resulting in results with low repeatability.

The Solution

  • Purchased Opticline 305 shaft measurement system for fast and accurate measurement.
  • Can now measure the lengths, diameters and rads on multiple parts quickly.
  • The programme records all data automatically.
  • Software can instantly switch between programmes for different types of parts.
  • Opticline produces automated reports to meet requirements.
  • Reduced time taken to measure a part by 93%.
  • 56 Features measured in 68 seconds, faster than the machined parts are made completely eliminating machine downtime.
  • Machine much cheaper than a CMM with a smaller footprint and more suitable for their application.
  • Allows them to measure all parts without outsourcing contract measurement.
  • Operator places part in to machine and all measurements taken automatically allowing high repeatability without human error.

The Results

Isolator Valve
Previously measured in15 minutes + 5 minutes recording data.
Now all 56 features measured in 68 seconds with instantaneous record of data.
Over Travel Bolt
Previously measured in 5 minutes + 2 minutes recording data.
Now measured in 26 seconds with instantaneous recording of data.

Quick measurement

  • Previously parts were measured on a shadowgraph system manually. This took time and had to be done by the operator who was doing the machining, therefore the two could not run in unison resulting in regular machine down time while measurements were being completed.
  • Measurement is now automatically completed in a shorter time than machining, therefore no machining time is wasted!

Easy Switch Between Programmes

  • The Opticline software allows Ball to instantly change between programmes to measure completely different parts without any delay!

Automated Reports

  • Previously all measurements were recorded by hand then typed up by office staff. This is now not needed as measurements and reports are now automatically generated without any need for intervention.

Increased Accuracy

  • High accuracy so machines can be altered accordingly before future faulty parts are created.


  • Provides proof of accuracy over time for their customers and traceability.

Customer Feedback

The Efficiency Was Very Impressive
The Opticline is a very fast, accurate and compact piece of measuring equipment that has great repeatability and reduces measurement time and human error.

“Having seen the application and efficiency of the Opticline in my previous company, I asked the business owner to visit The Sempre Group to see the Opticline in action and his words were ‘Now, thats good!’. Previously it had taken 10-15 minutes to measure our parts, so to see it being done in just over 60 seconds including automatic reports and on screen imagery was very impressive.”

“Our customers always comment positively on the Opticline system, they particularly like the visuals produced, illustrations of the part and tolerances.”

“The transition was very smooth between moving from manual to automatic measurement thanks to The Sempre Group.”

Jon Waghorn | Manufacturing Director
Perfect Bore Manufacturing Ltd

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