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Case Study: Reverse Engineering with InspecVision Planar

Digitising reverse engineering for LaserMaster Ltd

When LaserMaster, a laser cutting and laser profiling specialist, was looking to optimise production to meet growing customer demand, it needed to speed up its reverse engineering processes. It turned to The Sempre Group, who installed a 2D scanning system that saves LaserMaster around 20 hours a week.

The Challenge

  • LaserMaster will reverse engineer any part sent from a customer, including products without CAD files or templates made from cardboard or wood.
  • LaserMaster originally completed this process manually — a drawer disassembles the product and recreates it in CAD. This can be a very time consuming process.
  • As customer demand grew LaserMaster wanted to speed up production to be able to commit to its promise of fast turnarounds.
planar 2d measurement

The Solution

Automating and digitising the reverse engineering process

  • LaserMaster wanted to automate its reverse engineering processes
  • Its research led it to The Sempre Group and the scanning technology it offers
  • LaserMaster chose the InspecVision Planar system — a 2D inspection machine that allows manufacturers to simply and quickly reverse engineer parts in seconds.

The Results

  • The InspecVision Planar can take up to 40 million measurements in 0.1 seconds. 
  • The software allows the user to edit and clean the data, for example it can standardise hole sizes and clean edges and can reverse engineer parts from a variety of sources, including physical parts, paper or electronic image files.
  • LaserMaster reverse engineers between two and ten parts a day, depending on the number of enquiries and walk-ins. By installing the InspecVision Planar, LaserMaster saves around 20 hours per week, the equivalent of half a person’s workload.
measuring laminations

LaserMaster's Feedback

“A cylinder gasket would typically take an hour to draw manually. We can now create the same drawing in seconds with pinpoint accuracy. We can also quality-control every piece we produce and create templates for the full piece far more quickly than a team of drawers ever could.

“The time saving gives us the opportunity to complete more projects from walk ins while maintaining our speed of delivering orders. We can also complete some tasks that we wouldn’t have considered before installing the Planar because it would have been too time consuming.”

John Gotts | Managing Director at LaserMaster

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