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Jenoptik Waveline 600

Modular measuring system for precise measurement of roughness and contour


  • Bearing industries: Sleeve bearing, slider bearing and ball bearing.

Available probe systems:

  • W612R– roughness measuring station with probe system TKU400
  • W612C Digiscan– contour measuring station with probe system Digiscan
  • W612RC Digiscan-roughness and contour measuring station with separate probe systems TKU400 and Digiscan

Product Variants

  • W900: High accuracy fast contour and measurement in a stand-alone system.
  • W10/20: Mobile surface roughness measurement and waviness measurement systems.
  • W5: Handheld mobile roughness measuring tool.

Evovis Software:

Powerful and easy-to-use contour and roughness measurement software.

Measurement and evaluation software for roughness and contour measurement results.

  • Standardised user interface.
  • Easy-to-understand control logic and extensive support functions for designing individual measurement applications, test plans & print forms. 
  • Its applications range from simple measurements of a single characteristic to fully automated measurement applications within the Industry 4.0 environment.
  • Measuring station control with live display.
  • Automatic system configuration when changing the probe system or probe arm.
  • Extensive statistical functions.
  • Interactive analysis and evaluation functions.
  • All globally standardised surface parameters for primary, roughness and waviness profiles.
  • Professional contour evaluation with evaluation of geometric dimensions, tolerance evaluation of profiles and extensive functions to evaluate profile form deviations.
  • Simple definition of automated measuring and evaluation processes.
  • All common parameters in accordance with ISO 21920,
    ISO 4287 and other ISO and national standards

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