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Hommel-Etamic Waveline W10

Precise Mobile Roughness Measuring System

  • Automotive industry: Measure the surface roughness of your workpieces

Measures surface roughness.

Product Variants

  • W5: Shop floor mobile roughness measuring tool.
  • W20: Skidless measuring probe mobile surface roughness, profile and waviness system.
  • W800: High precision modular surface roughness and contour system.
  • W900: High precision stand alone surface roughness and contour system.

Evovis Mobile Software:

Professional evaluation and simple operation of mobile measuring instruments.

This optional PC-based software has been specially developed for mobile measuring instruments and significantly expands the roughness measurement functions. It functions in online and offline mode and supports you in your selection of measuring conditions. You can also automatically save your print forms.

  • Clear, user-friendly operating structure.
  • Remote operation of W5, W10 and W20.
  • Individual test plan creation.
  • Integrated help with the parameters.
  • Wizard for selecting the measuring conditions.
  • Import and subsequent processing of profiles and parameters.
  • Open design of the print log.
  • Electronic archiving of reports with PDF printout.
  • All common roughness parameters and waviness parameters in accordance with ISO 4287 and other ISO and national standards (ASME, DIN, JIS, Motif, etc.).

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