Our experienced team of engineers are able to train any operator of any level to get the most out of your metrology systems and software.

Operator Training

Maintenance Training

Metrology Key Skills


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Why Get Training?

  • Utilise your new and old machines
  • Keep operators up to date with new techniques and capabilities
  • Ability to troubleshoot measurement issues
  • Improve production efficiency
  • Comply with your health and safety regulations


Why Get Trained With Sempre?

  • Tailored to your team to accommodate operator prior experience and knowledge
  • Bespoke for your specific components
  • Our training is interactive with plenty of hands-on experience
  • Encourage focus on the integrity and quality of your products
  • Experienced, knowledgeable engineers with a thorough understanding of all Metrology systems.

What Will The Training Involve?

  • Machine overview & initialisation
  • Software familiarisation
  • Interactive, hands on experience
  • Create measuring routines
  • Reporting & exporting
  • Machine Maintenance 
  • Metrology Skills

* For a more in depth training schedule contact Lily


Training Options

  • Basic or  Advanced 
  • Operator or Maintenance
  • Offered on ALL our metrology systems & software including:
    • Opticline optical shaft measurement
    • Micro-Vu multi-sensing CMM
    • Planar 2D field of view
    • T8000 surface finish & contour 
    • HighQA Quality Management & Auto-Ballooning software
    • Prolink SPC software

Operator Training

Ensure you are getting the most from your measurement systems with full training. We can train up to three operators at a time giving ample opportunity for hands on experience over the 2-3 days. Our interactive sessions are tailored to meet your requirements, level of prior knowledge and experience as well as tailor each training session to your specific components. 

Preventative Maintenance Training

We can help you avoid unnecessary downtime by giving you troubleshooting options as well as routine maintenance checks you can do in between your annual service and calibration visits. This keeps your machine functioning at it’s best throughout the year and allows you more control over troubleshooting. 


  • Ensure system longevity
  • Avoid minor breakdowns or system downtime
  • Reduce costs

    What You’ll Take Away

    • Confidence and ability to utilise the metrology systems
    • A certificate of completion of training
    • A training pack of useful tips and step by step guides to reinforce your training

        Available on site or at our Technical facility in Gloucestershire.

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