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Electronica Height Gauges

Low-cost shop floor vertical measuring tool

Any industry using precise-measurement hand tools or measuring instruments.

Product Variants

  • Manual (Handle operation)
  • Motorised
  • 1D (Optima M/Optima H) 
  • 2D (Ultima M/Ultima H/Ultima PLUS/Platina)
  • Probe accessories 
  • Universal probe accessories 
  • Long length probe accessories 
  • Magnascan-squareness probe with built-in linear encoder
  • Magnascan holder
  • Probe sets
  • Setting Master
  • Thermal printer

Microridge Transfer data wirelessly from any hand tool to any software at the press of a button!

MobileCollect offers the tools you need to send each measurement result in real-time, with 100% accuracy, at the press of a button.

The software simplifies the process of transferring measurement data from a gauge to your SPC/DAQ application. Whether connecting a single gauge to a spreadsheet, or hundreds of gauges to a cloud-based quality control monitoring application. 

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