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Hand Tools: Digital Vernier Calipers, Micrometers, Gauge Blocks and more

A complete range of shop floor handheld precision measuring instruments.

Any industry using measuring tools or instruments.

Product Variants

  • Digital and/or analogue.
  • Vernier caliper measurement gauge: Long jaws, internal & external measurements, outside groove measurements, gear tooth measurement, groove measurement, adjustable jaws, flush & gap measurements and more.
  • Micrometers: Internal, external and depth measurement.
  • Straightedges: Inspection, flat special steel, assembling, bevel edge and precision rule.
  • Dial test indicators: Electronic digital or analogue, comparator gauges, IP67, magnetic back, interchangeable inserts and depth gauges.
  • DAKKS calibration available 
  • Bespoke designs 
  • Bluetooth function (Ultra Active range)


Transfer data wirelessly from any hand tool to any software at the press of a button!

MobileCollect offers the tools you need to send each precise measurement in real-time, with 100% accuracy, at the press of a button.

The software simplifies the process of transferring measurement system data from a gauge to your SPC/DAQ application. Whether connecting a single gauge to a spreadsheet, or hundreds of gauges to a cloud-based quality control application. 

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