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ProTable CAB

Fast, Precise 2D Measurement for Cabinets, Doors, Tiles & More

Size Options

Product Name
Measuring Range (mm)
508 x 1270
1016 x 1524
1016 x 2032
1219.2 x 2438.4
1219.2 x 3048


Gives 2D measurement on square parts in digital format with results transferred directly to your PC.

Industries include manufacturing and fabrication of:

  • Kitchens
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Tiles


Perfect for XY measurements of flat components such as doors, windows and tiles.

  • Angle Measurement Add-On: It allows for qualitative measurements of one side of a panel/sheet during height and width measurements. The measured value for from this add-on is also used for computing Out of Square values. When ProTable-CAB is built with this accessory, the light system behind the vertical fence is removed. This add-on is only compatible with the “S” software configuration.
  • Z-axis (depth measurement): This accessory can be added at factory, or after a ProTable-CAB has been delivered. It allows for Z-axis (depth) measurements to be taken on parts or assemblies, such as drawer box depths. This add-on is only compatible with the “S” software configuration, and cannot be used simultaneously with Angle Measurement Add-on.
  • Offset block: The minimum width axis measurement possible is approximately 10 inches. If you have parts to inspect with widths smaller than 10 inches, this Offset Block can be temporarily installed and used to measure those parts.
  • Calibration block: A custom-made calibration block allows for verification of accuracy on X and Y axes, as well as the angle datum value.

“Can’t live without this”

We’ve used our ProTable-CAB system for 8 years. Now running 20 hours each day, and average 1200 doors measured per day. With some occasional upgrades and PM replacements, this machine works great.

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