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LK Metrology Range

The inventor of the bridge type multi-axis CMMs and manufacturer of a complete range of CMM measurement systems

The inventor and only manufacturer of premium CMMs in the UK – manufactured in Derby and trading since 1963. 

Bridge type, gantry and horizontal arm CMMs with options for tactile probing and laser scanning

LK Altera CLK Altera C
Ultima T Bridge CMM LK Metrology Ultima TUltima T Bridge CMM LK Metrology Ultima T
HC90 TR LK Metrolgy Dual Arm CMMHC90 TR LK Metrolgy Dual Arm CMM
Dual-arm CMM-laser-scanner-LKDual-arm CMM-laser-scanner-LK
LK Camio 3D CMM softwareLK Camio 3D CMM software
LK CMM renishaw probeLK CMM renishaw probe


LK Metrology is a pioneer in the CMM industry.

Sempre has partnered with LK to provide CMMs across the UK and Ireland with three locations for demonstration as well as full service and support local to you. With a depth of knowledge and keenness to continue to develop the CMM measurement options further, LK Metrology provide more technologically advanced CMMs than other traditional CMMs would.

These premium bridge type and gantry CMMs:

Reduce measurement cycle times with high velocities/accelerations

Meet your industry standards with excellent accuracy and repeatability

Provide a comprehensive measurement solution for probing, scanning and digital inspection.

Now available with Renishaw REVO® 5-axis measurement system




LK CMM Renishaw scanning head

LK metrology is a pioneer in the manufacture of CMMs with many industry firsts including:

  • first to design of the first Bridge Type CMM
  • first OEM to integrate a computer with a CMM
  • first to develop inspection software specifically for CMM use

They were the first to use:

  •  all air bearing and granite guideways for stability and stiffness
  • carbon fibre composite spindles
  •  microprocessor controlled drive systems

They were the first to produce

  • High Accuracy, Horizontal Spindle CMM
  • Atruly thermally stable CMM

LK also worked in partnership with Rolls-Royce Ltd to develop Renishaw’s First Touch Trigger Probe for use on a CMM.


These high accuracy systems are flexible for every manufacturing industry.

Bridge type systems can cover a range of sizes or parts while delivering very high accuracy measurement great for companies producing many components as all can be comprehensively measured on one system.

The gantry systems allow you to measure large components including vehicle chassis and bespoke size options allow for extremely large parts such as those used in wind turbines and more.

CMM probe fan blade

Product Range

Product Range

Bridge Type CMMs ranging from the smallest 700x500x500mm to our largest 7000x2000x1500mm all offering mutli-sensing technology with probing and non-contact sensors.

Gantry Type Multi-Sensor CMM.

Horizontal Arm & Dual Arm CMMs.

Select the best sensor for the task to get better insights while reducing overall cycle time. Inspection programs based on the CAD model.

A multi-sensor 5-axis measurement system designed for scanning, non-contact measurement and surface finish analysis on a single CMM.

Software Options

LK Camio 3D CMM software

Camio Multi Sensor CMM Software

  • Select the best sensor for the task to get better insights while reducing overall cycle time
  • Inspection programs based on the CAD model
  • Proof programs offline with collision detection and measurement simulation
  • Analyse conformance with CAD comparison for features and surfaces
  • Speed up the decision process with instant reporting
  • Increase productivity by automating the inspection processes

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