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Oasis Elite

Instant non-contact 2D measurement of small shafts, with a rotational glass stage option for flat parts.

Key Information

OAELITE 152048 Field Of View
OAELITE152024 Field Of View
43mm x 36mm
21mm x 17mm


  • Suitable for a wide range of manufacturing industries
  • Small shaft components.
  • Flat parts.

Product Variants

  • Motorised rotary stage.
  • Manual rotary stage.

Our simple-to-program software is provided with each system allowing users to create part programmes in minutes.

User-friendly full-feature software:

Automatic inspection reporting:

Measurements taken by the Core are recorded as parts are inspected. Those dimensions are imported into an inspection report that can be printed or saved for future retrieval. The report can be created for the dimensions of a single inspected part or for a group of parts in an entire inspection run. Dimensions can also be easily exported to SPC Software in real-time.

Instant Measurements:

By capturing the image in a digital format, the software converts the image into real-time dimensional data. Every time a part is placed in the inspection zone, all dimensions are instantly measured and displayed.


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