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outdated metrology

The Cost of Outdated Metrology Solutions in the Aerospace Industry.

Written by:

Emily Smith

Upholding product quality stands as a key challenge for the aerospace industry. This goes further than pleasing customers; it extends to maintaining industry standards.

Often undervalued metrology solutions impact on the cost of quality. Manufacturers using outdated metrology solutions face significant financial impacts. This, in turn, reverberates across their business success and quality control processes.

In this industry achieving precision on the first attempt is non-negotiable. Manufacturers need quality infrastructure and systems installed that can address any measurement challenges.

The primary outcomes of outdated metrology solutions are:

  1. Component rework and material scrapping – Inaccurate measurements and delays due to bottlenecks can lead to reworking components or discarding valuable materials. Machine tools often continue to produce parts whilst measurements are taking place. Instances arise where issues are noticed after more parts have already been manufactured. This means there is a need for rework or even complete scrapping of these parts.
  1. Production disruptions – Poor measurement reliability can lead to manufacturers having to spend their time fault finding. This can lead to production problems, disrupting workflows, or a complete halt to the process to correct any issues.
  1. Wasting resources – Wasting material, time, and manpower due to measurement errors all add up and can affect the bottom line.
  1. Traceability and Documentation– Full traceability is critical for the aerospace industry. Each component’s journey, from design to installation, requires meticulous documentation. Advanced metrology solutions integrated with data management systems, allow detailed records of measurements.
  1. Measurement uncertainty- Outdated measurement techniques can lead to uncertainty in measurements. As a result of this, you could be responsible for passing a bad part, or even failing a good part. This can have severe consequences such as damaged reputation, client disapproval and faulty parts.
  1. The cost of variability- If clients and consumers trace accidents or faults back to inconsistent measurements, your team could be liable. It is important to invest in connected metrology solutions that maintain your repeatability.
  1. Customer dissatisfaction – Inaccurate measurements result in products that deviate from customer expectations. This can lead to dissatisfaction and potential business loss.

When the precision of each element contributes to safeguarding lives, the impact of poor quality and imprecise measurements can be catastrophic.

Complex geometries in aerospace elements demand unparalleled precision. Turbofan blades, engine components, and aerodynamic surfaces exemplify these complexities. Metrology solutions capable of navigating these intricacies are crucial to uphold performance and safety regulations.

By using advanced measurement techniques manufacturers not only enhance the accuracy of parts but also speed up production cycles. 

They have the opportunity to identify deviations earlier in the manufacturing process. 

Leading aerospace companies rely on these metrology solutions to mitigate risks and optimise their manufacturing processes. Solidifying the connection between metrology and enhanced aerospace quality.

How can aerospace manufacturers tell if their metrology solutions are outdated?

Aerospace manufacturers need to ensure that their metrology solutions remain up-to-date, and aligned with industry advancements.

How can we improve our productivity through quality assurance?

  1. Are we achieving acceptable levels of quality?
  2. What is our first time pass rate?
  3. What are our rework rates?
  4. How much time, money and resource expenditure do we need to improve our current level of quality?

Here are several indicators that can help aerospace manufacturers identify whether their metrology solutions are becoming outdated:

Inadequate measurement capabilities – Are you having customers send their good parts back? Are you working with high scrap rates? Are you spending more time putting out fires than you are being proactive? This might be a sign that your technology is lagging behind.

Lack of automation – In the aerospace industry, efficiency and speed are paramount. If your metrology processes still rely on manual measurements, and lack automation features, it’s a sign that you might be falling behind. Newer solutions offer faster and more streamlined operations.

Long inspection times: – Modern aerospace manufacturing demands quicker turnaround times. If your current metrology solutions lead to prolonged inspection cycles, causing production delays, it’s worth considering a more efficient alternative.

Difficulty in data analysis – Advanced metrology solutions not only provide measurements but also offer comprehensive data analysis and visualisation tools. If your equipment makes it difficult to extract collected data, you might need an upgrade.

Compatibility issues – Outdated metrology equipment might struggle to integrate with modern CAD/CAM software or other digital manufacturing tools that are essential for seamless operations.

Feedback from Quality Control –  If you’re receiving consistent feedback from your quality control team about the limitations or inaccuracies of your current metrology solutions, it’s a sign that it might be time for an upgrade.

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In this article, we will cover:

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